Author Topic: Postdoctoral Position on Functional Optical Image Processing/Visualisation of the Human Brain, France  (Read 423 times)


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Applications are invited for postdoctoral position on functional optical image processing/visualisation of the human brain. The position is available at GRAMFC, Research Group on Multimodal Analysis of Brain Function at the University of Picardie Jules Verne in France. The position is offered for 12 months from March 2013-March 2014 (possibility to be extended to 24 months). The successful candidates will get 2514.25€ per month salary.

Study Subject(s): The position is offered on Functional Optical Image Processing/Visualisation  of the Human Brain.

Course Level: The postdoctoral position is available at University of Picardie Jules Verne.

Scholarship Provider: GRAMFC, Research Group on Multimodal Analysis of Brain Function at the University of Picardie Jules Verne.

Scholarship can be taken at:France

Eligibility: Candidate should have a PhD in graphic informatics with an important experience in 3D image processing. Interactions with colleagues will be determinant since data to be treated rely on signal processing performed by engineers in signal treatment and interactions with physiologists and clinicians. A PhD student has also already be recruited for fOI signal treatment. Personal autonomy with image processing tools is compulsory for the position. Experience in Brain imaging is a plus but is not obligatory.

Scholarship Open for International Students: The students of France can apply for this position.

Scholarship Description: Functional Optical Imaging (fOI) of the brain by near infrared spectroscopy is an upcoming technique to evaluate the human brain functions and dysfunctions. As for fMRi It is based on local hemodynamic changes associated with cortical brain activation due to external (auditory….) or internal (epilepsy….) stimuli. Such tool can be used simultaneously to electroencephalography and is known as EEG/fNIRS recordings. Because both share similar time and space resolution, they provide complementary information about the functioning/dysfunctioning brain. This combined approach can be used in prematures as in adults. Because it can be performed at bedside, in prematures fOI allows to evaluate the functional dynamic of the brain maturation at the earliest stage of the development. Because it does not required to be performed in a restricted area, in adlults, fOI is used whenever fMRI is not feasible. fOI has already provided interesting information concerning brain function. Early studies started with basic paradigms, activating the sensorimotor areas and intended to show the capability of the fOI technique for monitoring localized regions of the cortex (Maki, 1995; Takahashi, 2000). More recently, in our laboratory we performed studies to look at the development of cognitive processing and assessment in prematures (Mahmoudzadeh, 2013) and at the impact on the brain of epileptic activities in patients suffering from epilepsy. We could found in prematures that as early as three months prior to term, the immature human brain has established specific neural functions that key on and help decipher human speech. In epilepsy, using fOI, we could describe epileptogenic areas which were not observed by electroencephalography. Multimodal (fOI, EEG, fMRI, PET Scann) analysis in epilepsy is under process in the framework of a national grant. The Inserm Group (Inserm U 1105) wish to develop tools of Image Processing/Visualisation of the Human Brain using functional optical imaging by High Density Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Electrical Source Imaging by High Resolution ElectrEncephaloGraphy. This will be performed to visualize in one side, in premature, in 4D, the maturation of the language network (Mahmoudzadeh et al., PNAS 2013) and in the other side, in children, the neuronal networks involved in refractory epilepsy as a guidance for presurgical evaluation and implantation of intracerebral electrodes. For this purpose they sought a highly motivated candidate for a post doc position of 12 months.

Duration of award(s): The position is offered for 12 months (possibility to be extended to 24 months).

What does it cover? The position is available now and the brut salary is 2514.25€ per month.

How to Apply: The candidate shall send his CV and reference letters to: Fabrice Wallois, GRAMFC, EFSN Pédiatrique, CHU Amiens Nord, Place V. Pauchet 80054 Amiens Cedex, France.

Scholarship Application Deadline: Contact employer.

Further Official Scholarship Information and Application