Author Topic: Leaked parts point to new color options for next iPhone  (Read 250 times)


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The hotly-anticipated Apple iPhone 5S is makings the rounds in the Rumorland for quite some time. We have already seen few concepts and purported images of the upcoming iPhone, but none have been conclusive so far. Now, the alleged images of the internal components used to build the iPhone 5S have been leaked, pointing to a possible new color options.

Alleged images of next iPhone components

In the above images, the components of the upcoming Apple flagship phone (be it called iPhone 5S or iPhone 6) have been placed side by side to that of iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S. The first image shows the front facing camera lens of the upcoming iPhone, while the second image reveals its vibration components .

The leak also reveals the SIM card tray and the home button of the next iPhone. More importantly, the internal components, which are seen in Rose Gold, Silver and Brown shades, suggest that the future iPhone might be available in different color options.


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