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The Five-Step Business Planning Process
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1.Break your markets into groups (segment)

2.Choose the group(s) that are going to be your best customers (target)

3. Learn how, when, where, and why they buy books, and be there when they are (intercept)

4. Create a special marketing mix (product, price, promotions, and distribution) for each target group (position)

5. Create a “to do” list and turn it into a “to sell” list.

   This may seem complicated, but it is not. If you do it once, you will see how simple it is. Let me just give you an example of steps 1 and 2 to get you started.

    Choose your target markets. Of all the groups you identify, you cannot possibly afford the time and money to market to all of them. Choose your top markets.  choose your targets and concentrate on them.