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Setting Up a WebStore Business...
« on: Jun 17, 2013, 03:30 AM »
Web Store as the name implies, is the setting up of an online store for the purpose of selling items online. These items could be digital products which can be easily downloaded at the instance of payment confirmation or physical products which involve shipment of products after payment has been confirmed.
For you to set up this kind of business online there are few things to be considered:

1.   REGISTRATION OF BUSINESS: before any business can be started whether online or offline, it is very important for it to be registered. This can be done by contacted the right person (e.g.  a lawyer) to help you complete this process.
2.   DOMAIN/HOST NAME:  Once you are done with the registration process which is most of the time done offline, the next thing to do is to also register a domain name for your business as well. This is usually done online and involves the registration of a unique name that will establish your business presence online. This can also be accomplished by contacting experts as well. For  example
3.   BUSINESS PLAN/STRATEGY: This involves planning out from start-to-finish, usually on paper, on how your business will be successfully executed. For example, all the things that needs to be done for your business to be successful. It could also be by studying the histories of other successful businesses with the aim of learning from their secrets and applying them to your business accordingly.
4.   PRE-PUBLIC AWARENESS MARKETING: This involves the use of both online and offline (like the Medias like the Television, Newspapers) to create public awareness few months before you bring your business to the market. This will help your business to be easily recognized when it brought to the market.
5.   HIT THE MARKET: haven put all the necessary mechanism in place, it is now time to hit the market with your product.
6.   MARKETING: For any business to succeed both online and offline, there must be effective marketing and public awareness. No matter how good your product maybe, if nobody is aware that such product or goods exists in the market, you are not going to make any sale. This can be done through mediums like Social Media Marketing, Google Adwords, Newspapers and many other advertising platforms.
7.   PARTNERING: This involves the process of networking with other business in the same field with be the purpose of increasing sales and reaching wider audience.
8.   REPEAT PROCESS: Haven applied the above process to your business and also tried out many other things with the purpose of finding out what is working and what is not, it is now time to focus only on the things that is working and repeating the process to maintain your success.

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Setting Up a WebStore Business...
« on: Jun 17, 2013, 03:30 AM »