Author Topic: ATTACK on Nigerian Embassy In Thailand by Drug Demons (VIDEO)  (Read 503 times)


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Violence erupts as touts and drug barons attack the Nigerian Embassy after drug peddlers discover that the Nigerian and Thai government is not happy with their activities that have landed so many naive women in prison around the world.

Ex Bangkok Hilton convict "President Kudos" leads the attack on the embassy breaking doors and windows in front of the Thai police. Nigerians explained that the top level drug barons are squabbling between themselves with hard core criminals recruiting Thai women for international smuggling missions the gang leaders Lampard (Izuchukwu Batholomew Umenwa), Nsiko, Dike, Gerome and Kudos all battle for a larger slice of the drug misery cake.

Note these people are professional liars and story tellers, natural born sycophants who use their turbo mouths to promote their underground businesses. Their activities led to the imprisonment of hundreds of Thai women and the executions of many others.

Nigerians in Thailand send hundreds of women to prison after beating and threatening them into carrying drugs, recently 3 Thai girls were executed in Vietnam and 4 Ugandan women executed in China after these Nigerians in Bangkok forced and tricked them into carrying drugs.

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