Author Topic: Lagos Bus Conductor sent to jail - still doesn't know why! (VIDEO)  (Read 383 times)


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(Nigeria Prison) Lekan the bus conductor helps transport to and fro their destinations - but some days, the Lagos government helped transport him to prison - and he still does not know why!

"I don finish so many problems - I go prison so many times because of conductor work sef - I will go prison yard," says Lekan, in a heavy Lagos pidgin accent.

(Nigeria Business) Hear Lekan's full story of heading to the Nigeria prison in the video above!

Lekan started work as a Danfo conductor in Lagos seven years ago and blames Lagos state Governor Fashola and his Task-Force for many of the difficulties in trying to work in the city's bustling motor parks.

"KAI pick everybody and carry everybody!" Lekan says, protesting his own innocence. "I didn't do anything - I am just innocent like that."

Lekan refers to the Lagos state task force 'Kick Against Indiscipline' who patrols the city's streets, enforcing order but often arresting hawkers and roadside sellers as well as seizing their goods. Often people complain they can only get their goods back if they "dash" or pay the task force.

"I didn't pay anything - I served my jail complete," Lekan explains. "I served five months and five days - and I thank god that I left there."

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