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The British High Commission is looking for an Information Technology Support Officer, ITSO, to work in its busy Management Section.

Position: Information Technology Supports Officer
Location: Dhaka & Abuja

Job Description
•   As an ITSO, your role will be flexibly tailored to:
•   Proactively maintain and support the F3G desktop and infrastructure at BHC Abuja.
•   Provide a focal point for users’ IT related queries.
•   Help ensure the maximum availability of the Firecrest system and service. This involves closely monitoring the performance of Firecrest systems and resolving IT problems with support from the IT Help desk and other IT stakeholders such as the RMO, RSC and ITSA.
•   Help ensure the security of the system and ensure that potential breaches of security are reported and investigated.
•   Line management of all Deputy IT Support Officers (DITSO’s).
•   Support any locally installed small systems (e.g. Laptops, PDAs) and the following IT systems.

The following gives a guide to the tasks required to support the BHC Abuja’s IT systems:
Record your activities and those of external agencies:
Maintain an accurate log of all work performed and issues raised.
Keep track of all maintenance work carried out by an external agencies, such as the IT Help Desk or the Regional Support Centre.

Administer user accounts:
•   Disable/enable user accounts.
•   Reset passwords.
•   Add and remove users to and from groups.

Administer Electronic mail:
•   Administer shared mailboxes and the users who have access to them.
•   Maintain the Distribution Lists within your Post.

Administer servers at your post (where applicable):
•   Create new shared folders (Data shares).
•   Change backup tapes.
•   Replace printer rollers.
•   Enable device access as required. For example, enable:
•   USB printers/scanners.
•   Internal/external CD/DVD writers.
•   Biometrics systems.
•   Support BitLocker.
•   Reset BitLocker pin annually.
•   Fix and replace hardware:
•   Fix or upgrade workstation and server hardware.
•   Order, replace and dispose of IT equipment according to FCO standards.
•   Build computers for users.
•   Provide focal point for Residences Internet services.

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Re: British High Commission Jobs in Abuja: IT Support Officers
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British High Commission Jobs in Abuja: IT Support Officers

Qualities Needed:
•   To meet the challenges of this demanding position it is an advantage if you have:
•   previous staff management experience;
•   previous experience of working for HMG (Her Majesty’s Government).
•   Ability to learn on the job from online technical training manuals.
•   The successful candidates must hold a British passport. Any appointment is subject to the candidates successfully obtaining security clearance to conform to the F3G security policy.
•   Additional qualities will include Managing Self, Others and Resources, Delivering Results, Working with Others and Communicating.

Additional Information:
•   Applicant must be available for handover from 1st June to 10th June 2011.
•   This is a full time position, from 8am – 4:00pm, Monday to Thursday and 8am – 1.00pm on Friday, also on occasion some additional hours may need to be worked.
•   The job will be graded LE II with a monthly starting salary of N329,656 and additional responsibility allowance of N22,916 per month.
•   The job will be subject to six months probationary period.
•   Successful candidates who are not liable to pay Nigerian tax will be subject to a 10 % notional tax deduction on the basic salary.
•   The salary will be paid in Naira.

Additional Requirement:
•   The successful candidate will have excellent English oral and written communication skills, excellent organisational skills, including the ability to manage several tasks simultaneously; have strong interpersonal and networking skills and the ability to work with a diverse range of people.
•   Previous experience of Microsoft Vista, Microsoft Office 2007, Windows Network, Internet and Intranet, Users Helpdesk support, Training Users and delivering presentations are essential.
•   A recognised IT qualification is desirable.
•   Confirmation of appointment will be subject to the successful applicant obtaining the necessary level of security clearance.

How to Apply:

Applications should be sent to:
Human Resources Assistant
British High Commission Abuja
Aguiyi Ironsi Street

Or by e-mail to:

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