Author Topic: Illiteracy Is A Big Disease, But Also Makes World Be Reunion  (Read 1319 times)


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A man been an illiterate is more worse than of woman, well if you disagreed please comment and also check this out.

An illiterate woman boarded a plane from Enugu to Abuja. She was booked for an economy class seat... Just after the plane took-off, the woman stood up and went to sit in the first class cabin.

The flight attendant went to ask her to go back and sit in economy class because that's where her ticket allowed her to sit, but she refused. She had paid and wanted the best seat,
Then the attendant informed the junior pilot. The junior pilot went andspoke with the lady and she still refused. Then the junior pilot went to inform the Chief pilot.

The chief pilot said, "I am married to an illiterate, I'll go and talk to her".

The Chief Pilot went and whispered some words to the woman and she peacefully stood up and went to her economy class seat.

Surprised, the flight attendant and Junior pilot asked the Chief Pilot:

"Sir, what did you tell her?" The Chief Pilot said: Easy Guys!

I just told her that first class is not going to Abuja, only economy class is going to Abuja and she corporate.

- Lasisi David

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