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Job Title: Computer Information Processing Analyst

Location: Festac – Lagos, Nigeria

Employer: Cyclofoss Technologies Limited

Skills Desired:

•   Ability to enter data accurately at a given speed

•   Strong typing, analytical and computer skills

•   Working knowledge of HTML and social media

•   Working knowledge of JavaScript is an added advantage

•   Ability to learn quickly.

•   Proficient with Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer and in performing web searches.

•   Strong spelling and grammar skills

•   Acts on opportunity generates new ideas, practices self-development.

•   Thrives in a fast-paced, highly productive and collaborative environment with strong organizational and multi-tasking skills

•   Targets and achieves results, sets challenging goals, prioritizes tasks, overcomes obstacles, accepts accountability

•   Ability to adapt to change, is open to new ideas, takes on new responsibilities, handles pressure.

•   Ability to multi-task, use personal judgment and utilize strong decision making skills

•   Must exhibit accurate and efficient data entry skills.

•   Strong attention to detail and accuracy.

•   Develops analytical and problem solving skills

•   Maintains a cooperative attitude

•   Demonstrates willingness to accept additional responsibility


•   We don’t care about your educational qualification; we care about Results, that’s what moves our business, not your paper qualification.  If you can do the job, why not apply? Whether you possess OND, NCE, HND, BSc, MSc, Ph.D., etc.

•   Must be highly organized and self-motivated.

•   Must be conversant with the Internet.


•   Cyclofoss is seeking passionate people to fill the role of Computer Information Processing Analyst. The selected candidate for this position functions as a Windows System Analyst and a Data Entry Specialist. We require self-motivated, detail-oriented individuals who are proficient in Windows environment and how to use Internet browsers effectively, not just navigating their ways in the Internet but also overcoming restrictions in the world wide web.  We need meticulous people who can research the web smartly and enter the data generated in a database via online forms.

•   We look for people who are passionate for learning, opinionative, curious, and have inborn qualities of problem-solving, achieving, and leadership. We provide a challenging environment to our people and let them to build on their strengths and expand their opportunities. We are self-organized, self-motivated, and the drivers of our own solutions.

The role:

•   The primary duty for this role is collating data from various sources (mainly Print and Internet) , formating the data and storing them in the online database through an Internet browser.  To excel in this position, the role should be able to input data at a quick and steady pace paying close attention to details.  Note, this opening is not a secretarial position, though secretarial experience is an added advantage.  Sometime, while uploading data to the database, the role will need to manipulate the collated data in HTML format before uploading, thus, knowlegde of HTML is highly essentail to excel in this position.

•   The secondary duty for this role is the ability to install, configure, and troubleshoot Windows Operating System and software applications.  Collation of data from print media requires working with various software applications, hardware devices like scanner and a strong typing skill to bring the raw data to the required format for data serialization in the online database, thus knowledge and manipulation of Windows OS environment is highly required.


•   Responsible for entering data into computer for processing

•   Requesting further information for documents that are deemed incomplete

•   Verify, correct and/or delete data entry errors and report them

•   Prepare documents.

•   Enter information into specific files or forms

•   Check completed work for errors or duplicate information

•   Communicates effectively, both orally and written.

Salary: The pay is negotiable. Prove to us what you can offer and we promise to make you an offer you can’t refuse. The truth is that we are not looking for Job Seekers, we are only looking for Problem Solvers, and we will reward them handsomely for solving our business problems, thus, adding great value to our company.

Application Hints:

Include a brief statement in your cover letter on why you are qualified to work for Cyclofoss.

Note: We are busy people; we only need applications from serious minded candidates who believe sincerely in their hearts – THEY CAN DO THE JOB EFFECTIVELY.

Deadline: 3rd July, 2013

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