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Pastors confession
« on: May 20, 2011, 02:20 PM »
 Three pastors took a day off and decided to go fishing after a busy Sunday. They agreed it’s so difficult preaching to people all the time and no one preaches to them.Sitting by the river with little response from the hooks, one pastor thought of sharing his heart with others.
   e said: “Guys its rare to get such an opportunity to be among ourselves like this. It would be good if we look into our lives and help each other with our weaknesses”.
They all agreed to this. This pastor said: “Gentlemen I need help! The people in my church give a lot of money every week. I started taking little by little but now I take a big chunk. I can’t stop stealing from the church please pray for me.Infact wen i leave here,i am going to steal some more”!
The other pastor said: “brothers your sins are better than mine! I have slept with every woman in the church including married women. As I preach my eyes hover over the congregation looking for the next prey.Infact i am going out to sleep wit another member as soon as i leave here”
The last pastor’s feet were shaking as they were talking. They thought he had a big story to tell. He stood up and said: “My brothers my problem is gossip, there is nothing I hear that I don’t tell everyone!In fact as soon as i leave,i am
going to church to share all this gist wit everyone.

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Pastors confession
« on: May 20, 2011, 02:20 PM »