Author Topic: LG will name its next flagship G2, hopes to sell 10 million units  (Read 181 times)


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It's official - LG G2 is the name of the company's next flagship device. LG will dropping the Optimus moniker for its next flagship and the G series will be established as a premium brand. The LG G2 is going to be unveiled at a dedicated event on August 7 in New York.

LG G2 was previously rumored as Optimus G2 and has leaked numerous times with specs and live pictures. It's likely to bring forward a 5.2" 1080p display and an optically-stabilized 13 MP camera as well as a Snapdragon 800 chipset. The smartphone will run on Android 4.2 with a new version of the company's own launcher on top and will featuer on-screen buttons.

According to the South Korean ETNews, LG aims to sell 10 million units of its new flagship. It's not as ambitious target as the ones Samsung sends for its latest flagships, but given LG's recent performance it doesn't sound too bad either. Here's hoping that it achieves it as the Android market can certainly use some extra competition to spur more innovation.

There is less than a month to the LG's press event and you can bet we'll be there to cover everything for you.

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