Author Topic: Google Q2: revenues up, 900M Androids, Moto still struggling  (Read 182 times)


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Google, the golden child of the Internet, got some disappointing grades on its report card. The revenues for Q2 of this year are up 19% year on year to $14.1 billion, but come short of analysts' expectations of $14.4 billion.

Income was $3.123 billion overall (down from Q1 this year and Q2 last year) with an operating margin of 22% (also down). Google's income for the quarter was just about the same as last year (but with a lower operating margin) and it's Motorola that weighs it down with a loss of $342 million.

As for Google's platforms, Larry Page, CEO and co-founder, calls Android and Chrome "no-brainers". There are 900 million Androids with 1.5 million joining them each day. They have downloaded 50+ billion apps and counting.

Chrome (the browser, not the OS) is doing great too

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