Author Topic: 3 Basic Things That Attract Girls Without Talking To Them  (Read 352 times)


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Sounds a little silly and obvious right?
Especially if you’re 5ft tall.But what I
mean by this is standing with your
shoulders back, head held high and back
straight. In theory these three little
things don’t sound like much at all, but
I’m telling you by standing tall you will
resonate confidence and start feeling a
lot more sure of yourself. Once I started
doing this, I noticed myself not
shying away from eye contact a lot more,
strange right? But for some reason it
works, it’s like you feel as though you can
take on anyone. Don’t let this one slip,
give it a go and remind yourself when
you start to slouch.

Goodness me, I cannot tell you how
incredibly attractive smiling is to a
woman, let me ask you something. Have
you ever been in a conversation with a
woman and you noticed how beautiful
her smile was? Like she was giving off this
vibe? That’s how powerful smiling is and
if you haven’t then you need to
make yourself more aware of this.The
next time you’re walking towards a
gorgeous woman, just do one thing…
smile. Try and smile in a non creepy way,
it needs to be in a cheeky kind of way
that shows you are again confident but
also willing to open conversation.

At first this will be hard, particularly in
London, it took me a good few attempts
before I could carry it off, but once you
do it a few times you’ll start to get great
responses from women,some will even
open you – so make sure this is something
you test at least ten times.

If you take just one thing away from this
article and use, please make it eye
contact. I cannot stress enough how
important strong,dominant and s*xy
eye contact is. You might be thinking,how
the hell can I convey all those qualities
just through my eyes?
Simple, when you’re looking into a
woman’s eyes just say to yourself “how
would a confident, strong
minded and s*xual guy be looking at this
really attractive girl right now, to show
that he’s not scared in the slightest?”.

You should naturally start
to get it and what I mean by that is…
“the look”. Women will react differently
in conversion and each
word will feel more intense, s*xual
tension is built from this.At a first glance
though, you need to hold eye contact,
make sure that when
you lock each others gaze… you NEVER
look away first. Spice things up to, when
you’re looking over, throw in a little smile
or a raised eyebrow, these will get
a response from her without a doubt.

So there you have it the three most
important things to attract women that I
use on a daily basis once I set foot outside
the front door.

Although these are the basics,they
REALLY do work – so try them, master
them and play around with them...

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