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Job Title: DW Completions Engineer

Job Code: 210  

Recruiter: Leader Engineering Ltd

Assignment Details:

Position Title: Deepwater Completions Engineer

Drill Team: Nigeria

Work Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Assignment Type: 28×28 Onshore Rotational

Education Level/Degree: Degree required (University, B.S. Engineering Degree)

Years of Experience: 15-20 years minimum in Completions Engineering, Cased Hole Frac packs, Expandable Screens and Floating Rig Completions Operations

Language Skills: English

Job Skills: Business writing, computer literate Microsoft Office, Email (Outlook)

Assignment Start Date: Sep 1, 2013

Assignment End Date: +/- 4 years

Job Description:

•   Prepare detailed engineering designs and coordinate all phases of planning and completing a well

•   Ensure the geological and reservoir objectives of the well are met while assuring the highest standards of engineering integrity, safety, and environmental protection are applied to the design and execution of the well

•   Prepare designs and well plans representing the optimal costs and investments for the wells

Task and Responsibilities:

•   Responsible for the development, review, and approval process associated with a comprehensive deepwater subsea completions program

•   Primarily responsible for: 1.   Preparation of cost estimates for selection of optimal alternatives 2.   Material and equipment selection and evaluation 3.   Government regulatory requirements, approvals and permits 4.   Technical bid preparations and analysis 5.   Deepwater completions well planning (including sand control design) 6.   Deepwater well test planning

•   Work closely with other groups to assure the program is based on all available geological and reservoir information and drilling information from other wells in the area

•   Surveillance of daily operations to ensure the program is conducted to apply best technology and proposed modifications if applicable

•   Analyze performance as required

•   Assist to implement changes in the procedures and equipment based on results of analysis

•   Provide onsite completion surveillance and engineering assessments and present recommendations to Operations Superintendent on critical activities and problems (as required during execution phase)

•   Provide onsite surveillance and technical assistance on special projects, equipment testing and new procedures

Minimum Qualifications and Experience:

•   15-20 years minimum well construction experience

•   A minimum of 10 years experience is required in international offshore developments with 3 years in deepwater completion operations (1000m)

•   Highly developed communication skills and proficient in typical Microsoft computer based applications

•   Minimum B.S. degree in engineering or related technical field.  Advanced degree in engineering or related technical field preferred

•   Proficient in the operating and construction characteristics of all components utilized in the completion system and be knowledgeable about alternative systems and procedures which might be implemented to improve operational efficiency

•   Prior employment with major deepwater Operator or Drilling Contractor

•   Read, write and speak fluent English

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