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1. Write Great Content
I know, you have seen this over and over, but even if you do the other steps, and you miss this one, you still won’t succeed. You need to write something that is NEW or with added value over the posts that already exists. If you write how the command “get-spsite” works, by only copying things from TechNet, you won’t get a lot of views, and your readers will be left with a bad taste in their mouth, since you just wasted 30 seconds of their life. Instead, if you write how you can do something really awesome with the command “get-spsite”, like “How to get the date a SharePoint Site has been last accessed using PowerShell”, then it’s a win! Users that will look for this information will find what they are looking for, and that’s stuff that isn’t already on Technet! Once you got great content done, do the following steps.

2. Work on your SEO
SEO, stands of “Search engine Optimization”. Is it important? Yes. How Important? Imagine Steve Ballmer screaming “SEO, SEO, SEO, SEO” in his keynote speech. If you don’t know what I am talking about, you definitely need to check this video! Why is it so important? Once the initial hype of your post goes down, and your post goes down your blog page, the only hits you will receive on it will come from Search Engines. When someone makes a google Search, you got a big chance that if your post is in the first 5, you will get a hit. If you are on the second or third page, they will never get to you. There are many articles there on how to get better SEO, since there are millions of them, however I will give you some tricks I found the most useful!

3. Share your Blog Posts everywhere
These days, there is a ton of content to read on every technology. There are lots of people who share interesting articles, and it’s virtually impossible for readers to check every blog that exists for new content. However, if they see it pop up in their newsfeed, you got a lot bigger chances of them reading it. Fortunately, there are some nice free websites that will automatically share your new blog posts on LinkedIn/Twitter/FaceBook for Free! This is the one I use, and it’s called For a small fee, you can even do it share on Google+, as well as on LinkedIn groups that you are a owner/ moderator off.

4. Make it easy for people to share your Blog Post
If you did step 3, that’s good. All your followers will now see you posted something, which is good. But, what if they could easily share what you posted to their followers? That will bring new visitors, who might become your followers and your reader base will grow significantly! If you don’t make it easy for them to share it… they probably won’t. Here is a very nice way to make it easy for them to Tweet your blog post! First of it is click2tweet. Click2Tweet is a service which lets you prepare a tweet in advance, and then share it by a simple link. For example click one or all of the following.

5. Make it easy for people to subscribe to your blog (you)
Now that you got new readers on your blog either from LinkedIn groups or from your friend’s followers who shared your article, try to make them your direct followers, so you don’t depend on your friends sharing it. There is no exact science on this one, however make sure you share your things on as many social networks as possible so you make sure everybody can subscribe to at least one. Furthermore, make sure they can easily find the links. Personally, I use the signature bellow after every post!

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