Author Topic: comScore: Apple is the leading OEM in the US smartphone market  (Read 310 times)


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comScore have published the latest figures regarding smartphone subscriber market share in the US over a period of three months ending in June 2013.

According to these figures, Apple is the leading smartphone OEM with a 39.9% share of the market. In second place is Samsung with 23.7% and then comes HTC with 8.5%. Apple experienced a growth of 0.9% from March 2013 whereas Samsung saw 2% growth over the same period. HTC, meanwhile, had its share drop by 0.5%.

That was for the hardware. In terms of software, Android is at the top with 52% of the market. iOS is at second place with 39.9% and BlackBerry a distant third at 4.4%. Android saw no growth since March whereas iOS gained by 0.9%. BlackBerry dropped by 0.8%.

The US market currently has 149 million smartphone users with 59% mobile market penetration.


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