Author Topic: Straight from the Heart (3) - He jilted me and married someone else  (Read 916 times)


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I had been dating a man for the past two years and he promised to marry me. We were really in love. Recently, he went for an engagement ceremony with another lady without informing me.

When he came back, he did not say anything and even made love to me. When I told him my discovery, he used that opportunity to call off the affair with me. I thought it was a joke until the day he told me not to come to his house again! I cried aloud but he refused me. I am really in love with him and I want him to marry me. What do I do?

AO, Abuja

This is real life incidence from a person, who seriously need an advice on what to do. Reply, if you have any advice or suggestion(s) to this post.

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