Author Topic: Straight from the Heart (5) - I am scared of my lover’s wife  (Read 890 times)


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I am 24 and dating a married man with two kids. He is 32 and his wife is 31. He told me about his loveless marriage and that they are getting a divorce. He said his wife forced him to have extra-marital affairs due to her troubles. Since he met me, he said he had decided to stay with me because he loves me.

He said before he met me, his wife had always wanted a divorce and he had asked her to be patient. Now, he said both of them wanted a divorce. He said she was very rude and would not allow his mother to come to their home. He said she beat him but he would not do same because he had vowed not to beat a woman.

Later, his wife called me and said we needed to talk, after which she sent me an insulting text message. When I told the husband, he said she was not happy that he had found me and he was happy.

He even said she attacked him and this time, he beat her up. He said they lived like flat mates and that she had returned his wedding rings. He brought the engagement ring for me to wear. What do I do?

BK, Lagos

This is real life incidence from a person, who seriously need an advice on what to do. Reply, if you have any advice or suggestion(s) to this post.

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