Author Topic: Giveaway - Traffic Inspector is a comprehensive gateway solution for network security, web access control and detailed traffic analysis.  (Read 320 times)


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Traffic Inspector is an all-in-one software solution designed to meet control and security needs of today’s businesses. Traffic Inspector gives our customers an unprecedented control over Internet access: logon hours, web access policies, bandwidth limits, billing plans can be conveniently configured for a single user or a group of users.

The product’s extensive range of network security features protects against the majority of modern-day Internet threats. An integrated firewall prevents unauthorized access to the gateway and LAN. Kaspersky Gate Antivirus inspects web and email traffic disinfecting or blocking malware as appropriate. SMTP Gateway is designed to serve as a front-end to a corporate mail server and filters out spam and unwanted email. Traffic Inspector allows our customers to create effective web access policies that block unwanted sites, filter out inappropriate web content and file types. Protection against phishing web sites is provided by plugins based on Google Safe Browsing and WOT. Extensive traffic monitoring facilities supported by our product will expose the browsing habits of your users and provide a wealth of Internet usage information including what web pages they visited and even web searches they made. Overall, Traffic Inspector’s rich feature set makes one of the most complete offers on the market.

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