Author Topic: Team Leader, Leadership Development for Advocacy in Family Planning / Reproductive Health - Nigeria at The Mitchell Group  (Read 313 times)


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Job Title: Team Leader, Leadership Development for Advocacy in Family Planning / Reproductive Health

Location: Nigeria

Organisation: The Mitchell Group

JOB: End-of-Project Performance Evaluation

TMG is seeking a team leader for an end-of-project evaluation of a USAID/Nigeria-supported activity to improve the enabling environment for family planning/reproductive health (FP/RH). The activity offers leadership development activities in FP/RH to traditional and religious leaders as well as political office holders in 3 selected states (Niger, Sokoto and Zamfara) in northern Nigeria. The purpose of the evaluation is to determine the levels of achievement of expected results and to document best practices and lessons learned during project implementation. The evaluation will also assess the challenges faced during project implementation and suggest directions for future USAID activities to improve the enabling environment for FP/RH in northern Nigeria. The evaluation field work will occur in Nigeria from o/aOctober 14 – 26. A total LOE of 35 working days is allocated, including travel time, document review and report preparation prior to and following departure from country, with a six-day work week approved while on assignment in Nigeria.

Team Leader:The team leader will be responsible for overall management of the evaluation, including coordinating and packaging the deliverables in consultation with other members of the team. The team leader will develop tools for the evaluation in collaboration with the team member and NMEMS II and share it with USAID/Nigeria. The team leader will develop the outline for the draft report, present the report and after incorporating USAID/Nigeria staff comments if necessary, submit the final report to USAID/Nigeria within the prescribed timeline.


The Team Leader should have:

•    Advanced degree in public health, sociology or related field

•    At least 10 years working experience the international arena

•    Must have experience with Muslim issues in FP/RH. Must have Muslim Africa experience.

•    Experience and expertise communication and advocacy campaigns. preferably including monitoring and evaluating

•    Experience leading a team for international health program evaluations or related assignments

•    Program planning, evaluation, and design experience; program management and evaluation

•    Excellent writing, communication, and presentation skills

•    Candidates should submit an updated curriculum vitae addressing the skills and experience required, and a recent writing sample for which they were the principal author, ideally from from a recent performance or impact evaluation performed for USAID.

How to apply:

Please submit CVs and biodata 1420s to

Download Biodata 1420s:

Closing date: 30 Aug 2013

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