Author Topic: Apple iOS 7 to start seeding to users on September 10  (Read 158 times)


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Enough with those iPhone rumors, models, shells and parts. Let's talk about iOS 7 now. Apple unveiled the new OS back in June and promised to release it this fall. There is no official date though, just a few beta releases with the latest one feeling very much like a final product.

There is a rumor Apple will be holding the iPhone announcement event on September 10, while a previous information suggested the iOS 7 Golden Master build will be seeded on September 5.

Now, an email NUANCE, the company behind Siri, sent to a developer suggests the iOS 7 general availability (GA) will come on September 10. This coincides nicely with the Apple's iPhone event rumor and adds lots of extra credibility to it.

There is a chance though NUANCE meant GM - Gold Master - instead of GA. Anyway, you take this with a pinch of salt but as September is already upon us and we'll know soon if these rumors hold any water.

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