Author Topic: Production Technologist Job at Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited  (Read 253 times)


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Job Title: Production Technologist

Job ID: F38211

Location: Port Harcourt, Nigeria  

Employer: Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited


1. Generate and implement annual surveillance in line with corporate guideline.

2. Monitor compliance with reservoir managemnt and flares policy.

3. Plan data acquisition,Review surveillance data and recomend short term opportunities for oil/gas generation.

4. Drive and implement Production system optimisation efforts

5. Maintain and manage database.

6. Provide input into medium and long term forecast.

7. Comply with HSE,SCD and security policies/procdures in operations.

8. Implement best practices.


•   A professional (minimum B.Sc. Hons. or with MSc in relevant discipline in Engineering) and E&P professional with typically at least 6-8 years of direct experience as Production Technologist and also familiar with fundamentals of well design, diagnosis and optimization.

•   Should be familiar with fundementals of well and completion design and

•   should have skills in different well operations / services eg stimulation, perforating, repairs/workover etc.

•   Expert in well modeling, production measurement, well/resrvoir problem diagnosis, production and petroleum enginering studies.

•   Good understanding of HSE and Well integrity issues

•   Should be competent in evaluation of inflow/outflow performance, phase behaviours, rock mechanics, in sittu stress, borehole stability, sand failure prediction, fraccing, production chemistry, corrossion, artificial lift, logging evaluation etc

Shell companies have been finding and producing oil and gas around the world for over a century. Today, we have interests in exploration and production ventures in more than 80 countries and employ approximately 90,000 people.

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