Author Topic: Giveaway - abylon EXIF-CLEANER shows all meta information of image files and can easily delete it if needed!  (Read 373 times)


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Many camera manufacturers and graphic programs store a lot of additional personal information in the image-file. The meta-information, called EXIF, includes for example, comments, camera model, serial number, copyright, exposure, thumbnails or GPS coordinates. This can be very useful for archiving and image analysis at home. The software abylon EXIF-CLEANER show an overview of all EXIF-Information.

In addition, this meta-information can be completely removed with one click. The cleaning of the image files remove your personal fingerprint. Afterwards a cross-references or traceability is no longer possible. This can be very helpful especially for uploading images in pictures archives, communities and social networks without personal fingerprint.

Functional range:
  • Shows Meta-information of type EXIF in JPG-/JPEG images (such as copyright, camera, GPS coordinates).
  • Anonymizes JPG-/JPEG-files with one click.
  • Deletes the entire EXIF file information without changing the image.
  • Simply opens images by drag and drop from your desktop to program icon or window.

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