Call for Applications: LEAP Africa Social Innovators Programme 2013

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Leadership, Effectiveness, Accountability and Professionalism (LEAP) Africa is a non-profit organization committed to developing dynamic, innovative and principled African leaders. Since 2002, through its core Youth Leadership Programme (YLP) and Annual Nigerian Youth Leadership Awards (ANYLA), LEAP has advanced the cause of youth-led communtiy consciouness for development in Nigeria. Over 30,000 youth have been trained on LEAP's core youth leadership curriculum, while 65 social change makers have been recognised  and celebrated through the ANYLA.

Social Innovation Quest

The Social Innovators Programme (SIP) will support talented youth between the ages of 18 and 29, whose ideas and initiatives offer effective solutions to challenges in local communities across Nigeria, with the necessary training, funding, advocacy and network support required to strengthen their existing initiatives and enhance their sustainability and impact.  Through the programme's partnership with the International Youth Foundation's YouthActionNet® programme (, young innovators will become members of a global network of over 880 change-makers from 70+ countries. Over three months, LEAP will provide selected youth with training and support based on YouthActionNet's curriculum focused on the "Six Dimensions of Leadership" (Personal, Visionary, Collaborative, Political, Organizational, and Societal).

SIP objectives are to:
•   Identify, encourage and support youth in Nigeria who have initiated change projects focused on improving the lives of others
•   Showcase their impact on local communities to demonstrate that youth can serve as effective change leaders in Nigeria
•   Provide international recognition for local change-makers and access to international funding opportunities through the Social Innovation Programme Awards (SIPA).
•   Connect Nigerian change-makers to their peers around the world for shared learning and collaboration through YouthActionNet ®'s global network.

Do you qualify?

Applicants must meet the following entry requirement to be considered for the awards. They must be:
•   Nigerians resident in Nigeria (not Nigerians in the Diaspora).
•   Between ages 18 – 29 years.
•   Initiators# of such projects/initiatives/organisations that are positively impacting local communities and lives of Nigerians particularly in achieving the MDGs through their creativity and innovation.
•   Able to document and prove their work, benefits and some level of sustenance amongst communities and Nigeria for a minimum of 12 months prior to date of application for the SIP.

Twenty (20) social innovators will be enrolled into the programme after screening (an application form will be made available to interested applicants). The SIP will be offered free of charge.

Steps to Applying
1.  Like our page on facebook,
2.   Follow us on twitter, or @leapafrica & mention the programme you are applying for – with a #tag (e.g Chike Adeyemi Abu/#SIP2013).
3.   Request for the SIPA application form via the coordinator;
4.   Fill the form and send to the same email.

Programme Details
Location: Lagos State

Interested applicants are encouraged to contact the SIP Coordinator at or call 012706541/2, 07011081954 if you have any questions or concerns.

#.  Applicant must be a founder or co-founder of the project/organization which has been running for not less than one (1) year. The founder or co-founder is defined as the person who, either alone or as part of a team, conceiving and establishing the project/organization.