Author Topic: Google Updates Chrome For iOS With Improved Voice Search And Google Apps Integration  (Read 303 times)


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When it comes to voice search, Google still runs circles around its competitors. Today’s update to Chrome for iOS adds a new layer of intelligence to this feature and now lets you use pronouns. The company previously introduced this capability a few months ago and already uses it on the desktop and Android. Thanks to this, you can now ask it “Who is the president of the United States?” and you can then use the pronoun in the next question instead of Barack Obama’s full name.

That’s a nifty feature, but the tool that many users will likely appreciate even more is the ability to quickly log in to Google Apps with just a click (and if you have multiple accounts, you can also add those to Chrome and switch between them if necessary).

Links to some Google services, including YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Drive and the Google+ app now also take you directly to the native app if you have it installed. You can customize which native apps Chrome opens from the browser’s Settings menu.

Just like most other popular apps that are getting updates today, Google also redesigned Chrome to match Apple’s sparse iOS 7 design. Given that Chrome already featured a pretty barebones design, the change isn’t all that noticeable and mostly involves fewer gradients.

The new version is now available in the App Store.


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