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Information Security Officer Job at SENCE Limited
« on: Oct 10, 2013, 05:31 AM »
Job Title: Information Security Officer

Job opening ID: 11    

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Type: Full time

Recruiter: Skill Enhancement Centre (SENCE) Limited / SENCE World

Roles and responsibilities: The Information Security Officer (ISO) is responsible for the development and delivery of a comprehensive information security and privacy program. The scope of this program is company-wide, and includes information in electronic, print and other formats. The purposes of this program include: to assure that information created, acquired or maintained by the company and its authorized users, is used in accordance with its intended purpose; to protect the company’s information and its infrastructure from external or internal threats; and to assure that the company complies with statutory and regulatory requirements regarding information access, security and privacy.

The role has been broken down as follows:


1.   Coordinate the development of the company’s information security policies, standards and procedures.

2.   Work with key IT offices, data custodians and governance groups in the development of such policies.

3.   Ensure that the company’s policies, support compliance with external requirements.

4.   Oversee the dissemination of policies, standards and procedures to the office community.

Education and Training;

5.   Coordinate the development and delivery of an education and training program on information security and privacy matters for employees, other authorized users, and students.

Compliance and Enforcement;

6.   Serve as the company’s compliance officer with respect to the Company, State and Federal Information Security policies and regulations.

7.   Prepare and submit required reports to external agencies.

Incident Response;

8.   Develop and implement an Incident Reporting and Response System to address the company’s security incidents (breaches).

9.   Respond to alleged policy violations, or complaints from external parties.

10.   Serve as the official company’s contact point for information security, privacy and copyright infringement incidents, including relationships with law enforcement entities.

Risk Assessment and Incident Prevention;

11.   Develop and implement an ongoing risk assessment program targeting information security and privacy matters.

12.   Recommend methods for vulnerability detection and remediation, and oversee vulnerability testing.

Official Contact;

13.   Act as the official contact representing the company on Information Security matters; serve as the office contact point for external auditors and agencies, survey requests, etc on security/privacy matters.

14.   Maintain Knowledgebase – Keep abreast of latest security and privacy legislation, regulations, advisories, alerts and vulnerabilities pertaining to the company and its mission.

15.   Emergency Preparedness – Take part in company’s Disaster Recovery Planning.

Skill set:

•   Bachelor’s degree in a related field required. Advanced degree preferred.

•    Minimum 7 years of experience in Information Security, Information Technology or related field.

•   Experience in developing and administering an information security program essential.

•   Excellent policy development, program administration and compliance/incident response experience.

•   Very good knowledge of the regulatory environment of information security is essential.

•   Excellent project management.

•   Written and oral communications skills.

•   Ability to work collaboratively with a broad range of constituencies essential

•   A demonstrated ability to work with diverse groups of people is required.

Work experience: 7 – 8 years

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Source: Information Security Officer Job at SENCE Limited

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Information Security Officer Job at SENCE Limited
« on: Oct 10, 2013, 05:31 AM »