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Job Title: Director of Information and Communication Technology  

Location: Lagos, Nigeria  

Employer: African Reinsurance Corporation (Africa Re)

I-Job Details: The principal role of the Director of Information and Communication Technology is to ensure appropriate, accurate, timely and cost effective information and communication technology services that directly support the achievement of the objectives of the Corporation

II-Grade Level and Duties

The grade level of this position is ES (managerial staff) in the organization chart of the Corporation. The Director of Information and Communication Technology is attached to the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer and has the following duties and responsibilities:

1. Evaluates, manages and directs information system team on technical decisions and the development of innovative solutions to business problems.

2. Prioritizes and manages multiple information technology projects within specified time limits.

3. Follows-up on project tasks, analysis, implementation and installation, and ensures timely and accurate closure of projects.

4. Identifies human resources necessary to handle business needs in the area of information management and processing, and provides on-the-job training for all individuals under direct supervision.

5. Monitors and supervises operation of IT Divisions, and also oversees the audit of processed information in order to ensure data integrity and accuracy.

6. Ensures that appropriate IT policies are put in place and implemented accordingly.

III-Location: This position is based in Lagos (Federal Republic of Nigeria)

IV-Principal requirements / competencies for this position

•   Knowledge of Oracle tools, networking and other office productivity tools;

•   Good understanding of the Corporation business concepts and how it can be supported with ICT solutions;

•   Management and supervisory skills;

•   Team building skills;

•   Analytical and problem solving skills;

•   Decision making skills;

•   Effective verbal, presentation and listening communications skills;

•   Effective written communications skills;

•   Strong organizational, Time and Stress management skills.

The following qualities shall also be an asset:

•   Professionalism

•   Integrity

•   Sense of responsibility

•   Discretion

•   Bilingualism (French and English) is a competitive advantage

Age limit: At least 40 years and at most 55 years when submitting the application.

V-Qualifications and Professional Experience:

The grade level of this professional position is ES and the candidates are required to have the following qualifications:

1. First University Degree plus Masters in relevant field (or equivalent) plus 11 years relevant qualitative work experience; or

2. First University Degree plus full relevant professional qualification (or equivalent) plus 11 years relevant qualitative work experience; or

3. First University Degree (or equivalent) plus over 14 years post qualification relevant qualitative work experience;

Relevant professional experience, evidenced by career progression and effective exposure, in following Services/Technologies are relevant to perform successfully at the offered position:

•   Management of multiple IT infrastructures located in various regions in Africa;

•   Management of insurance/reinsurance IT systems;

•   Project Implementation/Management of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Strategy;

•   Project implementation/ Electronic Content Management (ECM), Document and Records Management (EDRMS);

•   Relational Database Concepts and optimization (Oracle, SQL, etc.);

•   Management of the transition from a distributed IT platform to a centralized architecture;

•   Management of IT team in a multicultural environment;

•   IT Governance and risk compliance;

•   Application modernization;

•   Service Oriented Architecture (SOA);

•   Business analysis;

•   Network infrastructure;

•   Virtualization (Server/Desktop);

•   Cloud Computing;

•   IT Procurement and Assets Management;

•   IT project management;

•   Unified Communications;

•   Bring Your Own Device (BYOD);

•   IT Security / information and application protection;

•   Website modernization.

Certification in relevant areas will be an asset.

VI- Benefits and Salary:

The successful candidate shall have the following benefits:

•   Competitive basic salary,

•   Exemption from taxes and duties (diplomatic status of an international civil servant),

•   75% medical coverage for staff and family,

•   Education allowance for each child up to 26 years (maximum 04 children),

•   Duty Post Differential, added to the basic salary, that is likely to increase or decrease depending on the economic conditions (presently 20% of basic salary in Lagos, paid in local currency),

•   Home leave for the staff and his family to country of origin every two years paid by the employer,

•   Joint contribution to the pension fund (7% of the basic salary paid by staff and 14% by the employer).

Deadline: 15.10.2013

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