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Rig Manager Job at SeaWolf Oilfield Services Limited
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Job Title: Rig Manager

Employer: SeaWolf Oilfield Services Limited

Categories: Drilling, Managers, Operations

Location: Offshore

Job Information   Reports To: Operations Manager/COO

Department: Operations

Supervises: Offshore Installation Manager/Rig Superintendents/Local Shorebase Staff

General Summary: The Rig Manager manages the Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit(s) (MODU) to which he is assigned, in accordance with the Company’s health, safety, quality, commercial and environmental objectives.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

•    Ensures MODU operations are carried out to meet the safety, quality, environmental and commercial objectives.

•    Ensures that the MODU is managed in consultation with the Offshore Installation Manager (OIM), Rig Superintendent and Barge Captain in such a way that the procedures and mechanisms exist to demonstrate employee involvement in, and commitment to safety, quality and personnel development.

•    Recognises that employees are our primary resource and ensures they are fully consulted, properly trained, developed and integrated.

•    Ensures that the MODU is fit for purpose and maintained according to the company’s safety quality and maintenance standards.

•    Controls the cost all operations and associated services for the MODU.

•    Ensures that approval given for the movement of the rig to a new location meets requirement. If there is a caveat to the approval, mitigating steps must be taken and by way of RA and  must be cleared in conjunction with the marine dept, the operations manager as well as the company executive management prior to commencement of move.

•    Provide primary liaison with client and to promote a good customer/client relationship for the assigned MODU and associated services.

•    Provides technical and management guidance to the OIM and Rig Superintendent on the MODU and provides liaison with onshore support staff.

•    Manages sub-contractor assignment to the MODU as contractually specified and to provide guidance to the OIM.

•    Assists the Operations Manager in developing Annual Plans.

•    Communicates updates in safety regulations and legislation to the MODU and ensures the MODU maintains compliance.

•    Ensure MODU structural alterations or major overhauls are planned, coordinated and controlled in such a way that engineering and other support services are fully consulted and involved at the earliest possible time in order to ensure a safe, quality and environmentally conscious engineering solution.

•    Ensure client objectives and requirements are communicated to the appropriate MODU personnel via pre-spud training and/or meetings (eg. High temperature high pressure wells. TD curves etc.).

•    Responsible for ensuring safety meetings are implemented in accordance with procedures; audited and remedial actions are identified and added to the Master Action List.

•    Develop a MODU specific annual plan complete with goals and objectives, and with assistance of MODU management administer the annual plan.

•    Develop, implement and review MODU Annual Plans.

•    Encourage MODU based suggestions for continual improvement in safety, performance, efficiency or reductions in operating cost. Provide for incentives when warranted.

•    Ensure personnel assessments are carried out on the MODU on a regular basis. Ensure that training needs are identified from these assessments (based on approved training matrix and contractual requirements) and that training is made available to satisfy those needs.

•    Approve promotion, demotion, termination, hiring, scheduling and movement of  all MODU based personnel in accordance with approved personnel procedures. Liaises with Personnel Manager as appropriate.

•    Ensure that the MODU staff maintain the preventative maintenance system in a cost-effective manner.

•    Visit the MODU on a regular basis to communicate company policies, plans and objectives to MODU management and employees and to ensure compliance.

•    Ensure that all required certificates/inspections/surveys etc, are conducted/obtained to keep the MODU current. Liaise with Engineering, QA, Safety and Marine personnel to assist with this function.

•    Plan for all special maintenance periods (End of Well, stacked periods, etc.) and ensure adequate resources are provided to complete the plan in a timely manner.

•    Ensure adequate inventories are maintained.

•    Ensure that MODU budget is prepared in consultation with MODU management and ensure expenditure is in line within agreed limits and objectives.

•    Arrange for the repair of equipment to be utilised on board the MODU. Liaise with contract engineering companies to ensure the equipment is fit for purpose.

•    Meet with clients on a regular basis to ensure all matters relating to the MODU are dealt with, seeking guidance from the General Manager as necessary.

•    Give technical guidance to on board management. If necessary ensure appropriate source of technical expertise is made available.

•    Develop/negotiate and maintain subcontractors’ contracts when necessary or ensure they are working under SeaWolf  master service contract.

•    Ensure requirements of the Emergency Response Manual are maintained; deputise for General Manager during emergencies affecting MODU’s under their control.  Interface with clients’ Emergency Response Plans.

•    Assist in incident investigations when required.

•    Participate as part of an audit team, undertaking audits and inspections as required.

•    Ensure identifications and implementation of corrective actions identified by audits or incident investigations.

•    Report to their immediate supervisor any situation that may constitute a hazard or that may cause injury to themselves or others, which they cannot correct themselves.

•    Ensure all work is carried out as safely and efficiently as possible by complying with SeaWolf training and safety policies and procedures.

•    Promote safe working practices.

•    Participate in safety initiatives and programs.

Minimum Experience/Education Level Required:

•    Must have at least ten years experience working with a drilling contractor.

•    Industry knowledge and experience.

•    Well Control Certificate.

•    High School Certificate.

•    In depth knowledge of SeaWolf Policies and Procedures.

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Rig Manager Job at SeaWolf Oilfield Services Limited
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