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Driller Job at SeaWolf Oilfield Services Limited
« on: Oct 16, 2013, 09:31 PM »
Job Title: Driller

Employer: SeaWolf Oilfield Services Limited

Categories: Drilling, Managers, Operations

Location: Offshore

Reports To: OIM/Toolpusher

Department: Drilling

Supervises: Assist Driller, Derrickman, Floorman

General Summary:  – Supervises and coordinates activities of entire drill crew.   – Responsible for safe and efficient operations of drilling equipment and drill crew during assigned shift.

Roles and Responsibilities:

•   Supervises, coordinates, trains, evaluates the performance of the drill crew.

•   Performs the set up and serves as the primary operator of drilling equipment within the guidelines of company policy and scheduled work program as determined by the customer.

•   Participates and contributes to the objectives described in the MODU’s Annual Plan.

•   Assist in the implementation and development of the Well Control Plan.

•   Assures that proper care, safe use and maintenance of drilling equipment used by drill crew.

•   Assists third party company personnel with preparation of drilling equipment needed for specific operations.

•   Manually logs all drilling operations to include what and when work is performed, the equipment used to drill the well, and the detailed scheduled maintenance record of drill line ton miles.

•   Communicates with OIM/Toolpusher and Third Party Company personnel regarding drilling operations and the progress of the well.

•   Maintain knowledge of all well control policies and procedures.

•   Undertakes audits and inspection as per SeaWolf audit and inspection procedures.

•   Participate fully in all safety initiatives and safety programs.

•   Participates in all safety meetings, including weekly, pre-tour and pre-job/toolbox meetings.

•   Initiate and participate in the identification of hazards and assessment of risk.

•   Monitor personnel and equipment under their control for compliance with statutory requirements and SeaWolf policies and procedures.

•   Promote safe working practices.

•   Ensure drilling crew exercise their well control duties.

•   Ensuring all personnel, under their supervision give a clear and accurate report of work status, their responsibilities and duties to their relief.

•   Work safely, act safely and take reasonable care for their own safety and that of others.

Minimum Experience/Education Level Required:

Minimum of 10 years verifiable experience as a Driller

• Working experience in an International and diverse cultural environment

• Experience on cyber equipment

• Experience with Amphion Top Drive Drilling systems

• Have a minimum of an high school diploma or equivalent

• Have current IWCF Certification

• Be fluent in spoken and written English

• Strong technical background in all aspects of drilling operations and support equipment

• Excellent leadership, interpersonal relations, communication and management skills

• Proficient computer skills in MS office software

• Experienced in land environmental and hazardous material regulations and procedures

• Ability to handle multiple tasks on a daily basis and to follow-up on all tasking to completion

• Ability to claim and accept ownership of rig equipment and processes, and to provide appropriate leadership when called upon

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Driller Job at SeaWolf Oilfield Services Limited
« on: Oct 16, 2013, 09:31 PM »