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Job Title: Xtree / IWOCS Engineer

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Recruiter: Deep Blue Energy Services Limited (DBESL)

Sector: Energy, Oil and Gas


The duties of the Xtree / IWOCS Engineer, are summarized as follows:-

• Provide specialist technical support to the Xtree / IWOCS System to ensure compliance of Package Designs. Test regimes and Documentation with Contract specifications and requirements

• Ensure implementation in his/her own discipline of all HSE and QC requirements and report to Lead Xtree and Wellheads System Engineer on any deviation.

• Work in close liaison with, and as directed by, Lead Xtree and Wellhead Systems Engineer to ensure all technical issues associated with the Xtree and IWOCS Systems are addressed in accordance with Contract specification requirements.

• Comment on all Xtree / IWOCS Systems related documentation within Prodom in accordance with the Contract and Work Time Schedule ensuring consistency with Contract Specifications and requirements.

• Act as Leader for specific documents, as agreed with Lead Xtree and Wellheads Engineer and dependent upon area of individual specialization, consolidating comments from other reviewers.

• Provide technical support to SPS / Drilling and Completion Interface Engineer for review of Xtree / IWOCS System interfaces within eRoom.

• Technical review of the manufacture and testing programme for Xtree / IWOCS Systems equipment.

• Provide technical input to the analyses and resolution of Change Order Requests.

• Report engineering and/or fabrication progress regularly, formally through weekly and monthly reports, to the Lead Xtree and Wellheads System Engineer, highlighting critical problems and identifying potential schedule and cost impacts. Jointly agree recovery measures and ensure technical implementation by the Contractor

• Liaise with other disciplines and Packages to ensure cross-package conformity of designs

• Assist the Lead Xtree and Wellhead Systems Engineer in the disposition of Deviations, Concessions and /or Derogation requests as they effect the Xtree / IWOCS

• Participate to or organize any technical meeting necessary to fulfill the Service responsibilities

• Attendance, as required, at test activities for Xtree / IWOCS equipment and Systems

• Monitor and advise on technical issues related to Third Party Procurement and compliance of same with project Requirements.

• Maintain tracking logs for actions engineering actions related to the Xtree / IWOCS Systems.

• Compile list of lesson learned / feedback for the Xtree / IWOCS Systems on a monthly basis throughout Project Execution. Convert, in consultation with the Lead XTree and Wellheads System Engineer, into formal feedback utilizing Company QFN and or REX systems.

• Deputize for the Lead XTree / Wellheads System Engineer on an as needed basis


• To fully comply with office security, health and safety instructions.

• To stay vigilant and maintain continuous awareness of hazards and surroundings.

• To report to Management on any issue they may face or observe and propose way of improvement.

• To also take care of colleagues safety and behaviour without hesitating to intervene as much as necessary.

• To give his own input and making sure the workplace is safe (obviously clean and tidy).

• In doubt to ask questions to gain clarification.

• To fully comply with Security rules about Travelling in Nigeria.


•   The Xtree / IWOCS Engineer’s primary focus is required to be on technical compliance of the Xtree / IWOCS with Contract requirements. The objective of the role is to obtain equipment to specification, of the requisite quality levels in line with the Contract Schedule.

•   The work within the Xtree / IWOCS System Package will be allocated based on the respective experiences of the Xtree / IWOCS Engineer and the Lead Xtree and Wellheads System Engineer.

•   The Xtree / IWOCS Engineer will report to a Lead Xtree and Wellheads System Engineer


• Education: Professional engineer

• Qualification: 5 to 10 years experience in Xtree / IWOCS Systems equipment. Previous experience of Company / Operator Representation during similar type project execution is a distinct advantage

• Mobility: placement is primarily in Lagos, Nigeria with the need for international trips, mainly to Europe.

• Language: English fluent

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