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Job Title: Customer Relations Manager

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Employer: Wellness Homes Inc.


1.   Managing client relationships to build a reputation for excellent service and generate repeat business.

2.   Handle client issues throughout the implementation life cycle in a timely and accurate fashion.

3.   Ensure outstanding customer satisfaction by maintaining strong working relationships.

4.   Guide and lead team members to deliver products/services that meet or exceed the customer requirements.

5.   Manage and train human resources to ensure quality and consistency of service to customers.

6.   Assist sales team in business acquisitions, planning, retention and management.

7.   Maintain complete and accurate customer correspondence data. Develop and update client related reports.

8.   Assist in making major business decisions.

9.    Identify and develop problem solving methodologies to resolve customer issues.


1.   Must be a smart and easily acceptable personality

2.   Ability to recognize his audience and media.

3.   Ability to think outside the organization.

4.   Must be a problem solver.

5.   Ability to research and synthesize information.

6.   Must understand the objectives of the organization.

7.   Must possess excellent writing and speaking skills.

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