Author Topic: Student Residence Permit Requirements for Nigerians Offered Admissions to Study in Finland  (Read 9347 times)


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If you have received an admission letter to a Finnish university, polytechnic or other educational institution and are planning to start your studies in Finland and if your stay in Finland will exceed three months you need to apply for a residence permit.

To apply for a residence permit to Finland you need to come to for an interview.  All applicants will be interviewed at the Embassy of Finland in Abuja.
Embassy cannot give appointments by telephone, or give further information by telephone.

The appointments will be booked by e-mail only. Customers will be instructed by e-mails only. As soon as you have booked an appointment for an interview please send your file to the Embassy by DHL or any other courier.

Your file, consisting of the below mentioned documents, must reach the Embassy latest two weeks prior to your interview:
•   Covering letter clearly stating your name, the date of your booked and confirmed appointment and your e-mail-address
•   Original International Passport for Nigerians and photocopy of the passport for non-Nigerians
•   Residence permit application form (OLE_OPI) properly filled (see )
•   Two passport photographs
•   Original Admission letter
•   Original Certificates from former schools
•   Any other documents supporting your application
•   Your original WAEC or NECO certificates and your result checking card

Original Insurance Policy: list of accepted insurance policy companies attached

1.        if studies are expected to last less than 2 years: amount of indemnity at   least 100 000 euros
2.        if studies are expected to last more than 2 years: amount of indemnity at least 30 000 euros

Original Bank Statements stating a balance of 6000 (six thousand) Euros or the equivalent in another currency on your own bank account (not sponsor's!) untill you will travel to Finland.

The Embassy strongly advices you to deposit your funds in respectable and known banks.


•   Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB)
•   Oceanic Bank Plc
•   Zenith Bank Plc
•   First Bank of Nigeria Plc
•   United Bank for Africa Plc (UBA)
•   Intercontinental Bank Plc

•   Barclays
•   Standard Chatered Bank

•   Société Générale de Banques au Cameroun
•   ECOBANK Cameroun


Appointment time has to be booked by e-mail in advance at

Your file must be sent (in advance) to the following address:

Student residence permit team
9 Iro Dan Musa Street
Asokoro, Abuja, Nigeria

Download Application Forms below:
Residence permit application for study (OLE_OPI) - MS Word format
Residence permit application for study (OLE_OPI) - PDF format

For Payment, please refer to: Service fees and payment instructions

The competent authority for residence permits is the Finnish Immigration Service. After lodging your application, kindly address your further enquires to them:

Finnish Immigration Service
Tel. 071 873 0431 (exchange), 071 873 3400 (customer service)
Web page:
Postal address: P.O. Box 18, 00581 Helsinki
Visiting address: Brädgårdsgatan 10, Helsinki.

Residence permits - Embassy of Finland, Abuja : Services : Residence permits

For more information on student residence permits: Finnish immigration service - Home page


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Thank you for coming up with this post.I still cherish the idea of moving abroad to complete my studies.I would have consider this one but the fee associated with insurance policy is too much for me to cover.


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thanks for this. i really cherish this stuff but the financial output is quite much than my capabilities


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Is it possible for someone to apply for scholarshp dis month


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Is it possible for someone to apply for scholarshp dis month

Which scholarship?

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