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Job Title: Completions Engineer

Reference: WTRI03339

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Recruiter: WTS Energy Holding B.V. / WTS Energy

Job description:

As Completion Engineer, the Consultant shall report to the Drilling Superintendent and Drilling Manager. He shall assist the drilling team in planning, engineering, tendering and execution of the onshore and swamp drilling campaign. The Scope of work includes following but not limited to the following:

•   Develop well completion and well testing procedures and Programmes to ensure safe and efficient operations by introducing innovative programme/ technique and setting key performance indicator for the project teams.

•   Improve operational efficiency by applying the latest state of the art technology in all facets of well completion and testing during development drilling, completion and work over operations.

•   Consolidate, capture and verify the lesson learnt and technical knowledge Well Completion and disseminate the knowledge to all Well Completion Engineers in the various projects so as everybody is well informed and contribute to the improvement in their work processes and technology applications.

•   Develop the technical specifications and scope of work for Well Completion equipment, Well Testing and completion support services such as Electric line, Slickline, Tubular make-up for tender packages to be in line with the engineering standards and meeting the operational requirement.

•   Conduct engineering and technical studies associated with well completion in order to increase competitiveness and improve well integrity.

•   Recommend specific optimal (safe, timely, efficient and cost -effective ) well completion and well testing operational resolutions/measures/ technique to project teams in order to achieve operational excellence with significant cost reduction by appraising/analyzing past/current operational problems and by being proactive during progress of operational activities.

•   Provide consultancy and technical advice in all well completion and testing areas for drilling of all completion activities conducted by the various domestic and international drilling project teams.

•   Initiate and develop the technology plan so as to develop the company’s reputation as a smart applier of completion technology. Promote the application of new technology in the company to achieve optimize completion program.

•   Provide in-depth technical support, advice and advance knowledge in key and base technologies of Drilling Completion activities.

•   To prepare SIMOPS procedures in order to simultaneously carry out drilling as well as production / testing operations.

•   Liaise with Company’s drilling fluid consultant to prepare specification of well completion fluid programs / additives or any fluid conditioning required for smooth operations.

•   Others as reasonable requested and required to carry out the duties

•   To review the technical bids received from the bidders in response to the issued tenders and provide technical comments highlighting the merits and deficiencies of each bidder.

•   Prepare technical queries arising from the evaluation of the bids and seek clarifications from the bidders.

•   Prepare technical evaluation report to qualify / disqualify the bidders under each service with detailed explanation / reasons.

•   Assist commercial team to prepare price bid evaluation matrix clearly mentioning the actual requirements of each bidder required for commercial evaluation.

•   To prepare final technical scope of work incorporating the discussions / clarifications received from the bidders during evaluation phase which shall be included in the final

•   Ensure strict adherence to Safety, Health, and Environmental policies across the business.

•   Conduct risk assessments and prepare special procedures for non-routine operations and activities.


•   Degree /MSc in any engineering field preferably Petroleum Engineering.

•   10 years in oil & gas exploitation, drilling, ESP, completion, workover and well services.

•   Able to leverage on industry’s best practices and share experiences.

•   Good interpersonal, communication and supervisory skill.

•   Have in depth knowledge of latest well completion and testing equipments such as TRSCSSV, PHDG, Packers, Liner Hangers, FIV, DST, etc.

•   Must have knowledge of running perforated liner and completion equipment in ERD well with Managed Pressure / Underbalanced Drilling techniques.

•   To be physically fit and be able to withstand physical as well as mental pressure involved in drilling operations.

Terms & Conditions:

•   Nigerian nationals preferred

•   Duration of Contract: 12 months

•   Rotation Cycle: 28/28 ON/OFF

•   Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Company Profile: An international E&P company

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