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Job Title: Senior Project Manager

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Employer: Blueprint Business Technologies (part of Blueprint Technology Group)

Job description:

•   Primary ongoing responsibility is for management of projects. Focuses on meeting project commitments including communications with sponsors, stakeholders, etc. May or may not have direct reports. Spends significant time on project management responsibilities.

•   As assigned, lead or assist in the planning, implementation and introduction of projects for new systems and technologies.

•   Responsible for significant, Institute-wide projects, typically with large budgets and sizeable staff, focused on meeting project commitments, including communications with sponsors, stakeholders etc.; would not necessarily have strategic or operational responsibilities. Spends majority of time on project management responsibilities.

•   Leads the design, testing, planning, and implementation of complex projects for systems that typically affect many users.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

•   Lead planning and/or implementation of projects. May participate in the design and/or testing phases.

•   Facilitate the definition of project missions, goals, tasks, and resource requirements; resolve or assist in the resolution of conflicts within and between projects or functional areas; develop methods to monitor project or area progress; and provide corrective supervision if necessary. Responsibility for assembling the project staff; for their technical or functional development, performance, and/or termination during the project or projects.

•   Manage project budget and resource allocation.

•   Facilitate the definition of service levels and customer requirements. Interact regularly with existing or potential clients to determine their needs and to develop plans for improving delivery. Advocate on behalf of clients and represent clients’ needs as appropriate to senior management. Work cross-functionally to solve problems and implement changes.

•   Follow a defined, agreed upon project management

•   Lead the development and implementation of a broad, coordinated set of plans and programs to meet the goals and priorities of the department.

•   Cultivate contacts with vendor requirement planners or developers — to obtain information about future vendor developments in the functional area and to try to influence those developments in ways favourable to MIT.

•   Participate in outside professional activities to maintain knowledge on developments in the field. Establish liaisons with universities and other comparable vendor users to keep abreast of status of computing and communications activities at these institutions.

•   Continuously improve project management toolkits and methodologies used within IS&T. Provide expertise and consulting to project managers in the process of project management and in the softer skills of team dynamics, team building and group motivation.

•   Present oral and written reports defining plans, problems, and resolutions to appropriate levels of management.

Supervision Received:

•   Periodically reviews goals, accomplishments, and overall performance of areas assigned to Project

•   Manager.

•   Supervision Exercised:

•   Provide mentoring, coaching and direction setting to team Members

•   Ensure project team and staff training and development

•   Provide mentoring, coaching and direction setting to team members and project managers.

•   Ensure project team, staff and manager training and development.

•   Desired Skills and Experience

•   Minimum 10 years of increasingly responsible experience, including experience successfully managing various projects with at least five years of managing increasingly complex projects in a technical environment. Able to work effectively and efficiently toward goals in a complex, diverse environment with multiple and changing demands. Known for effective leadership of staff. Passion for client satisfaction.

Knowledge, Skills & Expertise:

•   Thorough understanding of both theoretical and practical aspects of own professional discipline.

•   Thorough understanding of project management phases, techniques and tools:

•   Initiate/Prepare: definition/scope/requirements

•   Execute & Control: scope, workplans, resources, deliverables, Q/A, transition planning, etc.

•   Close: completion and assessment

•   Strong and tested project management skills, including sponsor and risk management.

•   Understanding of IT missions and operations in other areas of IS&T and of MIT.

•   Understands who the client is and what the client’s needs are; provides realistic expectations; establishes specific customer satisfaction standards and actively monitors client satisfaction.

•   Deep knowledge of principles, practices and theories in own professional discipline.

•   Outstanding record of project management success, both in results achieved and in use of professional methodology.

Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving:

•   Recognizes problems or situations that are new or without clear precedent. Evaluates alternatives and finds solutions using a systematic, multi-step approach.

•   Develops improvements and innovations to enhance performance Identifies, develops, and initiates innovations and solutions where precedents and procedures may not exist. Works cross-functionally to solve problems and implement changes.

•   Analyses decisions and actions for their support of the larger area’s strategic direction. Works with senior management to resolve more complex problems.


•   Pro-actively engages present and future stakeholders in design, priority setting, and implementation. Builds coalitions among the various stakeholders; negotiates authority to move the project forward.

•   Creates a sense of belonging and ownership among team members; assembles a team with the right mix of skills; coaches and motivates team members; delegates responsibility; promotes mutual support and interaction.

•   Demonstrates superior collaboration skills and techniques which appropriately define alternate solutions; resolve conflicts; and create lasting, productive partnerships with Clients

•   Actively participates in cross-functional groups to solve problems across projects.

•   Utilizes a network of relationships to collect and disseminate information, build support, and secure buy-in for desired objectives.

•   Fosters and manages productive relationships with executive level sponsors.

Communication Effectiveness:

•   Conveys goals and objectives clearly and in a compelling manner; listens effectively and clarifies information as needed; interprets verbal and non-verbal messages that others communicate; produces clear status reports; communicates tactfully and candidly.

•   Ensures that project status, issues and successes are communicated to project team, stakeholders, sponsors, steering committee and all levels of management and documented appropriately.

•   Motivates project team members to action.

•   Addresses delicate situations and handles conflicts in such a way as to maximize opportunity and minimize exposure to risk.

•   Demonstrates superior inter-personal skills, conflict resolution, and negotiating skills.

•   Ensures open communication across project teams.

•   Defuses emotional charged situations and uses them to constructively build greater shared commitment to end goals.

Decision Making:

•   Understands how and when to make a choice; how and when to escalate issues to higher levels.

•   Analyses the risks and future impact of decisions.

•   Makes decisions and takes timely independent action in pursuit of priorities.

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