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Job Title: Head Service Centre

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Employer: Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc (part of Standard Bank Group)

Position Description:

Head Service Centre: Most Service Centres offer the same functionalities, products and services as a full Branch only on a smaller scale, therefore the Head Service Centre needs to have the knowledge and experience to manage complexities that range from people management, customer service and treasury management to the physical security of the Centre and its staff.

People Management: The most important aspect of this job is the ability to lead a small team that is responsible for the full service and sales offering. The Head Service Centre’s day begins by understanding all the various complexities of the Service Centre, from secure opening procedures, cash management, telling, enquiries to one of workforce planning, understanding customer arrival patterns and customer behaviour and aligning the tellers and enquiries staff to deliver a consistent customer experience. Due to the fact that the Head Service Centre oversees the full  Service Centre offering he/she is also responsible for identifying critical productivity trends and making recommendations around capacity management, including the employment and management of temporary staff. He/She  is also responsible for the management of the full Performance Cycle, ensuring that all performance contracts are in place for all staff, regular performance feedback discussion must take place to ensure that the performance is at the required level. In cases where staff do not have the required skills or show competency gaps, the Head Service Centre needs to decide on what training interventions are required to close the skills gaps, he/she also participates in the quarterly Career Management Committee discussions, conduct and lead team meetings and teambuilding sessions.

Customer Service: The fact that the Service Centre offers the full spectrum of the Banks services and products, customer service must be at the forefront of the Head Service Centre’s role! The customers last experience is their lasting impression so the Head Service Centre needs to be absolutely passionate about customer service and creating customer delight. He/she must understand and manage the impact of his/her staff on customer expectations. He/she  also needs to identify trends and opportunities that should be referred to management as possible migration and or sales opportunities.

Position Requirements:

Product Knowledge: Although the Service Centre reports into the main branch and often does not have its own sales and service targets, it still remains responsible for quality sales and lead generation. The frontline roles are the roles that most frequently interact with the customer – all the front line staff need to be geared to identify customer needs and pass on quality leads to the relevant areas! In order to do this the Head Service Centre will guide, coach, develop and support the staff through applying an in depth knowledge of all the Bank’s products. The Head Service Centre will also manage and track cross selling and lead generation opportunities and ensure that the team’s sales and service targets are being met, furthermore he/she will participate in sales and marketing activities when required.

Routine Management: One of the critical aspects of the Head Service Centre is to take full responsibility for the activities of the Centre’s staff as it relate to routine requirements. He/she  must ensure that laid down procedures are being adhered to by all the staff. The Head Service Centre must also be available to conduct customer needs analysis, keep records in terms of the various Financial Industry regulations and take part in any special investigations of losses and/or staff defalcations.

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