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Job Title: Application Developer / Software Developer

Job Code: TNL012  

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Business Unit: iTECO

Employer: The Telnet Group

Job Objectives: Contribute to company growth and product expansion strategy by researching and developing new commercially viable solutions that re-invent the company from time to time


•   Responsible for modifying and integrating a part of a system or developing and replacing a whole system based on the specifications provided by IT Analysts or via a joint analytical review with other units and/or customers.

•   Working with off the shelf software, modifying it and integrating it into the existing network- creating the code to link the systems together.

Position and Qualification Requirement: BSc in Computer Science or a related field.

Skills and Competences:

•   Proficient in C// and Microsoft SQL.

•   Inquisitive, Result oriented, focused and possesses people skills

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