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Job Title: Service Integration Leader (SIL)

Employer: International Business Machines (IBM)

Job ID: ITD-0614446

Job type: Full-time Complementary

Work country: Multiple (AT, BE, CY, CZ, DK, EG, FI, FR, DE, GR, HU, IE, IT, LU, NL, PL, PT, RU, ZA, ES, SE, CH, TR, AE, GB, TN, GH, QA, IL, NO, RO, ZM, SK, PK, BG, EE, UZ, SA, DZ, AD, AO, BW, BF, TD, CD, CG, CI, HR, ET, GA, KE, LV, LS, LT, MK, MG, MW, MU, MA, MZ, NA, NE, NG, SN, SC, SL, SI, SZ, TZ, UG, UA, RS, GF, GP, MQ, NC, PF, RE, IO)   

Position type: Professional

Work city: Any

Travel: 10% travel annually:

Job area: IT & Telecommunications (non consulting)

Business group: Integrated Technology Delivery

Job category: Enterprise Operations

Business unit: ServiceMgmt

Job role: Service Coordinator

Job role skillset: General

Commissionable/Sales-Incentive jobs only: No      

Job description:  – Service Integration Leader is responsible for managing and coordinating Advanced Pools for the account and client. The position reports into the competency, but is responsible to the account management team.  – The SIL is responsible for acting as the primary contact between the DPE and the delivery support organization. They are responsible for coordinating the scope of one or more delivery teams for both the client and the account team. They support the DPE and/or PE as the service delivery advocate. They proactively monitor the problem and change process and manage issues and alerts as needed. They work with the DPE, PE (Project Office), and client (as appropriate) to understand requirements. They ensure quality of service and manage cost of delivery by looking at better ways to provide service in a cost efficient manner. They lead and direct the delivery team with direction from the DPE/PE (in the form of an account plan). They monitor and manage Service Level performance and report potential exposures in a timely manner. The SIL manages the day to day delivery of service for one or more delivery teams and is dedicated to the accounts supported by those pools including: cost, supplier management, service level attainment, delivery quality, task management for the account team and delivery.

Responsibilities include:

•  Provide DPE single point of contact and be the advocate between Service Delivery, CSM and the DPE/PE/Client

•  Manage cost including annual DOU as appropriate between service delivery and the DPE/PE

•  Ensure positive client satisfaction and client relationship is maintained for service delivery

•  Drive/Manage service quality, performance, and improvement of service delivery processes

•  Deliver on service commitments and participate in account plan/strategy

•  Drive/manage employees, subcontractors/third party providers

•  Understand client requirements, business opportunity identification, guidance, support and closure

•  Provide technical support and participate in the Change Control Board and/or change control process

•  Participate in response to Requests for Service (RFS’s) on behalf of the delivery organization

•  Drive audit readiness and ISeC (Information Security Controls) compliance where appropriate

•  Conduct improvement activities through Continual Improvement (Idea Log, Standardization Assessments, VSM Analysis, etc);

•  Ensure Defect Prevention investigation is being conducted by the Delivery Analyst to drive additional value to the clients;

•  Ensure The Advanced Pool Structure and it’s supporting processes are fully implemented on the entire Tower Pool;

•  Lead the First Line Managers across the Tower Pool Service Elements;

•  Lead the Daily Huddles with the Entire Tower Pool to ensure the account issues, concerns, highlights and activities are being handled according to account needs;

•  Consolidate and Report the Operational Efficiency levels from the Tower Pool;

•  Foster best practice sharing with the Global Leadership of each Service Line Component within the Tower Pool

•  Maintain an auditable security compliance posture

•  Participate in the creation, client approval and execution of the Client Delivery Plan

•  Establishes and fosters a relationship with the client, builds a management with the client and owns and drives IBM deliverables for that client.

•  Is a member of the senior account team. Assumes additional responsibilities in support of the account commensurate with the other members of the senior account team

•  Must work consistent with the customer’s business hours and time zone.

Required: At least 5 years experience in Technical services or any delivery service line management

Skills required:

• Relationship Management

• Apply IBM GS Delivery Processes: Disciplines & Tools

• Apply IBM Systems Management Methods & Tools

• Apply Industry Solutions

• Apply Process Management

• Apply Quality Concepts

• Implement Reporting Cycles/Methods

• Manage Crisis

• Manage Systems Management


•   Bachelor’s Degree

•   English: Fluent

Preferred: Master’s Degree

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