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Job Title: Senior Manager – Postpaid Usage and Retention

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Employer: Airtel Nigeria (Airtel Networks Limited)

Job description:

1.  Deliver postpaid voice revenues

•   Managing the usage KPIs for the postpaid business.

•   Managing the CR for the postpaid business

•   Driving voice usage  for the active customer base

2.  Deliver postpaid REC base

•     Managing the active postpaid subscriber base with the objective of enhancing the customer life on network

•     Managing the various customer age on network buckets so as to minimize flow of customers into the inactive bucket

•     Drive win backs from the inactive base

•     Improve new customer gross additions to revenue earning customer conversions by monitoring and controlling the quality of gross ads

•     Special focus on retention of high value postpaid subscribers

3. Drive Retention Management

•     Drive segmentation of customer using value segmentation in-order to determine the cost of retention.

•     Develop data based predictive models to identify best prospect target and launch target based offers

•     Manage the various customer age on network buckets to minimize flow of customers into the inactive bucket

•     Improve new customer gross adds  to revenue earning customer conversions by controlling the quality of gross adds

•     Track campaign results, analyze data, and assess the effectiveness and profitability of retention campaigns; modify strategies as indicated.

4. Product Management

•     Develop and launch voice usage enhancing & retention products based on consumer behaviour analytics with a view to:

•     Creating new usage opportunities as well as enhance existing usage behaviour across different consumer segments

•     Minimize REC loss , maximize REC win backs , increase AON of the customer across different consumer segments

•     Effective liaisoning across BI, Finance, IT, Network, CSD, regulatory to launch and track new products.

5. Drive Customer life time Value management (CLTV)

•     Increase the Life time value (LTV) of customers across segments by upselling products to increase usage and customers age on network.

•     Develop customer journey touch points and process in order to extend retention.

•     Develop customer engagement tools in order to create brand advocates.

6. Analysis and review

•     Build MIS data systems to enable tracking and review of all key voice usage/REC impacting/driving/ enhancing indicators

•   Periodical review and course correction to correct/ resolve/ leverage opportunities for revenue and REC growth within the postpaid  base

Desired Skills and Experience:

•   Bachelors in Computer Science or Engineering  or  Masters in Computer Applications

•   Masters in Business Administration would be preferred additional qualification MBA in Marketing or Postgraduate degree with specialization in Marketing.

•   10 years of work experience work Experience with at least 6 years of relevant experience in Telecom.

•   Of these at least 4 years  should be in telecom postpaid  marketing.

•   A minimum of 3 years in Management role with having direct on co. roll reportees.

•   Sound understanding of postpaid billing systems/ products/ revenue planning and management

•   Extensive knowledge of postpaid telecom workflows to ensure effective development of financial and product business cases, review and management of products

•   Understanding and experience in Telecom consumer analytics and how to apply the same in product development

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