Author Topic: 2014 PhD Fellowships for International Students at IMPRS-gBGC, Germany  (Read 317 times)


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International Max Planck Research School for Global Biogeochemical Cycles invites application for Doctoral Stipends in Germany. The research will be performed under the project title ‘Merging organic and inorganic geochemical proxies in lake sediments’. To be eligible, a candidate must hold a masters degree, or equivalent, in the earth sciences, (bio) chemistry or related areas and should have good English language skills and interest in joining a versatile research team. Successful applicants are expected to join  in April 2014 and will be offered financial support of ca. 1300 Euros/month.

Study Subject(s): The research will be performed under the project title ‘Merging organic and inorganic geochemical proxies in lake sediments’.

Course Level: PhD

Scholarship Provider: IMPRS-gBGC

Scholarship can be taken at: Germany

Eligibility: Applications to the IMPRS-gBGC are open to well-motivated and highly-qualified students from all countries. For this particular PhD project we seek a candidate with

- A Masters degree, or equivalent, in the earth sciences, (bio)chemistry or related areas

- Experience with sedimentological analyses (organic and inorganic geochemistry, mineralogy, …)

- Experience with biomarker extraction and compound-specific isotope measurements (?D, ?13C and ?14C).

- Experience with statistic evaluation (multivariate statistic, time series)

- Professional handling of chemicals

- Good English language skills and interest in joining a multidisciplinary research team

Scholarship Open for International Students: International students are eligible to apply.

Scholarship Description: The IMPRS-gBGC located in Jena, Germany, offers PhD fellowships to outstanding students. The project aims at geochemical characterization of sediments and Multi-proxy reconstruction of global circulation (such as the Asian Monsoon). In the study sediment samples will be analyzed for grain-size, organic carbon, total nitrogen, major and trace element concentrations as well as biomarkers (e.g. n-alkanes, n-alcohols) and compound-specific isotopes (D, 13C, 14C). After you have been selected The IMPRS-gBGC office will happily assist you with your transition to Jena. Successful applicants are expected to join in April 2014. Handicapped persons with comparable qualifications receive preferential status.

What does it cover?  Candidates will be offered financial assistance of ca. 1300 Euros / month to cover their living expenses plus additional benefits, including funding for the foreign research stay and support for attending conferences and summer schools. There are no tuition fees.

How to Apply: Applicants can apply online. For information please contact at

Scholarship Application Deadline: Send your complete application by February 06, 2014.

Further Official Scholarship Information and Application

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