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Job Title: Business Development Executive

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Employer: Sigma Qualitas Limited


•   Responsible for developing, through direct customer contact, an effective, on-going business relationship with our potential business •   clients.

•   You will identify opportunities, provide solutions for each individual clients needs and help improve their business and financial performance.

•   Sales of all company products i.e Trainings, Applications and Consultancy.

•   Sales research and marketing development.

•   Review operational records and reports, to project sales and determine profitability.

•   Market Visibility Research – Check updates on market competition in industry and identify potential sales opportunities in the industry

•   Develop and deliver accurate sales forecast/business strategies in line with business objectives

•   Select and prioritize the high-growth and value revenue opportunities

•   Participate in or lead cross functional sales and marketing teams

•   Develop client propositions that clearly identify financial and other business benefits

•   Select the appropriate offerings that will meet client’s business objectives

•   Select territory distribution channels for solution delivery, with partner management

•   Identify and utilize all marketing resources available to help meet territory objectives

•   Be accountable for total customer satisfaction, market share, revenue and profit.


•   Previous Experience: In sales of Training, Applications and Consultancy REQUIRED.

•   Graduate Qualifications: A first degree in a Numerate, Engineering or BEng, BSc, BTech, Science or Technology REQUIRED.

•   Post Graduate Qualifications: Post Graduate Degree Technology and MBA is of ADVANTAGE

•   Experience: 4 years post National Service work experience of IT background is preferred (NYSC is ESSENTIAL.

•   Certifications and Training Requirements: Certifications in Strategic Account Management, Key Accounts Management, Contract

•   Preparation and Management, Quality, Project Management, Portfolio Management is of ADVANTAGE.

•   Proficient use of Microsoft Office, Outstanding Process and Systems Documentation, Attention to Detail, Highly Organised,

•   Conflict Resolution, Presentation Skills, Excellent Communication skills, Highly Organised, Team Oriented and Leadership,

•   High Tolerance for Stress, Problem Management (analysis and resolution), Customer Service Orientation, Relationship

•   Builder, High level of Integrity, Time and Priority Management Skills, People Management and Negotiation skills.

•   Superior Analytical.

•   Minimum 3 years Sales Experience

•   At least 3 years’ experience in developing Value Propositions which describe and quantify the business value of the solution, including key value drivers which have been confirmed with the client. Products to include but not limited to Valves, Pipes,Flow meters and Services.

•   At least 3 years’ experience in using market channels appropriately to enhance the sale of offerings/solutions, ensuring maximum profitability.

•   At least 3 years’ experience in having in-depth knowledge of the Client’s industry and use this knowledge to identify business problems/opportunities and map appropriate solutions.

•   At least 3 years’ experience in understanding how the company’s business strategy translates into actions to create products and services that meet the needs and expectations of clients.

•   At least 3 years’ experience in having a thorough working knowledge of multi-industry applications and solutions and apply this knowledge in identifying business problems/opportunities and developing appropriate solutions.

•   At least 3 years’ experience in applying World Wide CRM Relationship Management Process and Tools.

•   At least 3 years’ experience in converting potential opportunities into real opportunities.

•   At least 3 years’ experience in confirming/gaining Client commitment to implement solution(s). Collaborate with the Client to close the opportunity(s).

•   At least 3 years’ experience in implement consultative selling by working with the Client in a collaborative fashion, identifying the Client’s business issues and strategies, and by understanding what is most important to the Client.

•   At least 3 years’ experience in implementing the Client Value Method (CVM) with your team as the framework for planning, creating and delivering client values

•   Extensive travel required

How to Apply:

Interested and qualified applicants should apply online or send their Cover Letter and CV to

Required with your submitted CV are the following;

•       Your current earning information, which you must be able to back up with an offer letter or bank statement and your DOB.

•       Your contact details should contain active phone numbers and email addresses.

•       Please review your CV every time you make a submission, one CV does not fit all jobs. Also changes in earnings and certification should be updated.

Note: That we need the subject matter of your response to contain the Job Title you are interested in, any response that its subject matter contains “My CV or My Resume” in quote cannot be treated. Please note short listing is based on the requirements in the given job descriptions below such as; qualifications required, skill set, years of experience, technology and industry exposure.

Deadline: 30th January, 2014

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