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Job Title: Country Officer  

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Employer: University of Susintercourse

Job Ref: 10803014

Location: Study Group Nigeria Regional Office

Department: International Office

Contract: Fixed term (one-year) with extension option

Responsible to: International Officer and Senior International Officer for Africa and the Middle East  

Accountable to: Regional Manager Nigeria, Study Group

Salary range: On appointment

Expected start date: Mid-March 2014

Job Purpose:

The job is based in Lagos, Nigeria and the post holder will be expected to undertake regular travel. It may be necessary to undertake training and staff development activities at the University from time to time.

1. To manage and support network of in-country representatives.

2. To increase the total number of Nigerian and Ghanaian students studying at Susintercourse

3. To provide dedicated support to student enquirers, applicants and offer holders from Nigeria and Ghana.

4. To support the implementation of the University’s student recruitment and marketing plans in Nigeria and Ghana through promotional activities.

5. To provide logistical and administrative support to the International Office, Admissions Office and other relevant departments  at the University of Susintercourse.

6. To assist the development of recruitment orientated and strategic international partnerships that enhance international recruitment in Nigeria and Ghana.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

1. To inform the development of the University’s international marketing and recruitment strategy in Nigeria and Ghana  and assist in its implementation.

2. To implement recruitment initiatives identified in Operational Plans.

3. To develop good working relationships that support the University’s international strategy and deliver excellent customer service.

4. To gather market intelligence that contributes to the institutional understanding of markets in West      Africa.

5. To build and maintain good relations within the University as well as external organisations and      institutions.

6. Under the direction of the Senior International Officer, to contribute to the recruitment of international students, including assisting on marketing plans for recruitment, building up expert cultural knowledge, market intelligence and relationships with key influencers.

7. Carrying out visits to support the University’s links with schools, colleges and universities in Nigeria with a significant student base considering furthering their education in the UK.

8. To maximise international student recruitment and profile raising opportunities for the University; to undertake domestic and if necessary, international travel as required at education exhibitions, schools and events in Nigeria and other target countries within Africa.

9. To liaise with University colleagues on International student recruitment matters including courses, curriculum/portfolio development and student progress.

10. To impart own knowledge and experience to University staff on all matters relating to the recruitment of/any issues relating to International students.

Key Working relationships:            

Head of International Office, Senior International Officers, International Officers, Director of Student Recruitment and International Affairs, PVC International, Heads of School, Professional Services staff including the Academic Registrar, Admissions and Partnership Office and SRS staff.

Key Duties

1. Work with International Officer for Africa and the Middle East at Susintercourse to develop and implement marketing plans, manage recruitment activities within the agreed budget and to deadlines.

2. Support and strengthen the University’s agent network in order to maximise recruitment and enhance the quality of student intake.

3. To provide expert visa advice (in collaboration with in-country representatives) and to manage the application process to ensure no visa refusals.

4. To serve as liaison and foster excellent working relationship with in-country representatives in all the Nigeria offices to ensure a high visibility of Susintercourse offering.

5. To generate new applications for the University of Susintercourse  through network of in-country representatives.

6. To attend and support recruitment events and activities organized by Susintercourse in-country representatives.

7. To develop an effective system for  conversion of referred applications with offers, offering a local contact point with advice and counseling for the rest of the application process.

8. Travel extensively across Nigeria to conduct student interviews sessions, pre-departure briefings and counselling at agents’ and partners’ offices when necessary.

9. Closely monitor the progress of all applications from Nigeria and Ghana and maintain accurate and up-to-date records (referrals and independently generated applications).

10. Co-ordinate the distribution of all documentation and promotional material between Susintercourse and Nigeria/Ghana, both incoming and outgoing, including new applications.

11. To be a competent and professional representative of the University of Susintercourse  in all dealings with customers and, handle any enquiries in an expert and timely manner.

12. To work with the Admissions Office at Susintercourse to ensure the complete application process runs as smoothly as possible.

13. To provide operational support for University of Susintercourse visits to Nigeria, including promotional activity and contacting of existing enquirers and applicants.

14. To manage a range of PR activities in Nigeria to increase brand awareness and market visibility.

15. Any other duties as may reasonably be required by the International Officer, Senior International Officer or Head of the International Office.

To inform the development of the University’s international marketing and recruitment strategy in Nigeria/Ghana and assist in its implementation.

1. Inform and support development for the three year Marketing and Recruitment strategy, annual Situational Analysis, and yearly Operational Plans.

2. Develop and maintain contacts with institutions and key individuals (e.g. British Council, Study Group,  funding bodies, agents, feeder institutions, institutional partners) with a view to strengthen the Universities profile and keep up to date with market developments.

3. Help identify and evaluate opportunities to develop study abroad and other short-term programmes for fee-paying visiting students in Nigeria.

4. To monitor competitor activity in-country and provide feedback to colleagues at the University, in order to steer recruitment activities.

To support the strategic work of the Senior International Officer, Head of International Office and Director of Student Recruitment

1. Help to identify opportunities for new course development to aid international recruitment, which may include recommending new collaborations with other partners.

2. Work with the Head of International Office and Senior International Officer to provide market intelligence and statistical analysis for Schools to inform curriculum/portfolio development.

To support the development of the International Office’s key strategic themes of; Marketing and Communication, Digital & Social Media, Customer Relationship Management, Alumni relations, Portfolio Development, Scholarships & Bursaries, and Partnership Development.

1. Support regular alumni events and feedback on meetings with alumni to the Alumni Relations officer and Senior International Officer.

2. Provide feedback on the attractiveness of the Universities scholarship and bursary programme.

3.  Implement activities designed to encourage the conversion of applicants (including telephone campaigns, online media campaigns, live chat and Skype sessions).

To assist the development of   recruitment orientated and strategic international partnerships that enhance international recruitment in Nigeria/Ghana.

1. Support and inform the University’s Partnership strategies by building and maintaining key institutional contacts and spotting opportunities for new partnerships.

2. Support the Senior International Officer for Africa in carrying out a full market appraisal and a detailed assessment of potential   partners for new business propositions.

3. Work closely with Study Group colleagues to support recruitment activities and ensure quality is upheld.

Other duties:

1. Deal effectively with internal and external queries; giving advice and guidance in an appropriate and timely manner and liaising with colleagues across the university.

2. Inform the reviewing process of Nigeria qualifications guidelines to ensure the appropriate selection of students from the market.

3. Deliver annual presentation on achievements, market developments and opportunities to key colleagues at Susintercourse.    

Internal & External Relationships:

Internal: International Office, Study Group, Heads of School, Admissions Officers,  Alumni Office, Accommodation, Finance, Communications and Publications, Student based services at Susintercourse.

External: Prospective students and parents,  International   schools, colleges, universities, private education providers, funding bodies, Embassies, British Council, agents and University of Susintercourse alumni to increase the University’s international profile and numbers of international students.

Desired Skills and Experience

The person specification details the necessary skills, qualifications, experience or other attributes needed to carry out the job. Applications are assessed against each of the criteria either at application or interview stage. Applications will be deemed unsuccessful if an essential criterion is not met. This may also help you self-select if you are suitable for the role.

Person Specification

The person appointed is likely to have knowledge and experience of working in an international context, preferably gained within the higher education sector.

Key: Essential (E), Desirable (D).

Qualifications/ Training:

•   University of Susintercourse alumnus (D)

•   Marketing qualification (D)

•   A first degree or equivalent qualification or experience (E)                

•   A higher degree or professional qualifications, for example an MBA or CIM qualification (D)

•   At least one HE qualification to have been achieved in the UK (D)

Experience/ Knowledge:

•   Understanding of UK Higher Education at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels  and current issues in the sector (E)

•   Evidence of administrative excellence (E)

•   Experience of working in education (D)

•   Knowledge of the international student market in Nigeria and Ghana (E)  

•   Knowledge of the education sectors in West African countries (D)

•   Understanding the needs of international applicants to the UK (D)

•   Experience in student recruitment and/or HE marketing, preferably in UK and/or Nigeria (E)

•   Experience of building networks and developing effective links with key external organisations that impact on student recruitment (E)

Skills/ Abilities:

•   Excellent communication and presentation skills (E)

•   Ability to work accurately under pressure both independently and as part of a team (E)

•   Excellent time management and organisational skills with the ability to prioritise work (E)

•   Knowledge of Microsoft Office, in particular use of word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, email and internet (E)              

•   Ability to deliver excellent and engaging written and oral communications to convey key marketing messages (E)  

•   Cultural sensitivity, tact and diplomacy with the ability to remain calm in difficult situation (E)

•   A proactive and innovative approach to problem solving, with a willingness to adapt to changing requirements (E)

•   Well-developed administrative and organisational skills (E)

•   Ability to self-motivate and work unsupervised for long periods (E)

Additional Attributes:

•   Self-motivation, flexibility and with the ability to work independently (E)

•   An ability to be the external face of the institution and to represent the University to a range of audiences (E)        

•   Able and happy to travel extensively around Nigeria and overseas when necessary (E)

•   Able to work flexible and unsocial hours as required, including early morning, evenings and weekends (E)

•   The ability to work under pressure in a dynamic environment (E)

How to Apply:

Please read sections on job purpose and person specifications to apply online or send CV and cover letter to on or before 5.00pm on Wednesday 12th February 2014.

Applications received after this date will not be considered.

Interviews are expected to be held on 25 February 2014

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