Future of Programming

Started by salalite, Oct 15, 2009, 07:21 PM


 Software development and maintenance is a big market thanks to Technology. Programming languages like C# (C Sharp), ASP.Net, C++ and Java are @ the forefront of the market. It happens that the more of these languages you know, the more advantageous you become in the Job market.

As it is now, lesser emphasis is been paid to C programming. The reason been that its relatively a old language and the recent ones have lots of libraries and tools for coding which has taken care of most of the necessary details dealt with in C programming. For example, Java Virtual Machine,which is used to compile and run a Java  application, is responsible for memory allocation and management, which is done manually by the programmer when coding in C language.

For a beginner, C language is quite difficult or strenuous because there are lots of technicalities to master but it becomes easier and more fun afterward. Its highly advisable for anyone planning to become a full-time programmer to have in-depth knowledge of C language  because it ensures credibility, sustainability and high optimization of  the application.

A major advantage of C is that most application that deals directly with the hardware like Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, and other Unix systems) and Java implementation are  written in C, so C language is like the next thing on the operation chart to assembly language.

An important use of C language in modern that technology is Embedded systems. There are special kind of computers because they perform only specific task and not general computing like PCs. This is simply Electronic intelligence whereby a device responds or performs certain task based when its state or mode of operation is changed by a user. Basically, all modern electronic gadgets are embedded systems from mobile phones, microwave oven and so on.

There would more about Embedded Systems soon but I would advise that people develop interest in C language. Links to C language materials and projects would be updated soon.