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Job Title: Subsea Spvr – Nigeria National

Job ID: 2000807

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Full/Part Time: Full-Time

Regular/Temporary: Regular

Employer: Transocean Offshore Deepwater Inc  (Transocean Offshore USA Inc)

REPORTING: Reports to the Maintenance Supervisor/Chief Engineer or Offshore Installation Manager (OIM).

SUPERVISION: Assistant Subsea and Subsea Trainee.

LOCATION: Offshore location


•   High school diploma or equivalent. Work experience and demonstrated ability of oral and written communications may be substituted in lieu of formal education.

•   Minimum of one year experience working with a Multiplex system.

•   Valid medical examination and vaccination certificates.

•   Knowledge of all technical calculations required for the subsea operation of the drilling unit and basic computer skills.

BASIC FUNCTION: Supervise the maintenance and repair of all subsea BOP and riser systems, Multiplex electro-hydraulic control systems, and all associated surface equipment and systems.


•   Maintain the Blow Out Preventer (BOP), Diverter, and associated subsea equipment in accordance to the Preventive Maintenance System (PMS) guidelines.   Authority I

•   Operate and pressure test the BOP on the surface and on the seabed as required.   Authority I

•   Direct the deck and drill crews in the running and recovery of the BOP and Marine Riser equipment.   Authority I

•   Direct the assembly, installation, and nippling down the BOP and all well control equipment as required.   Authority I

•   Operate, maintain and repair the subsea BOP control system, i.e. surface BOP or multiplex electro-hydraulic control systems.   Authority I

•   Operate, maintain and test hydraulic connectors. Maintain BOP handling equipment, testing equipment and wellhead equipment.   Authority II

•   Operate and service the bridge cranes and related hoisting equipment. Ensure the drill string compensator is serviced as required.   Authority I

•   Ensure the riser pipe system is serviced and tested as required. Operate and maintain the diverter system and the running and handling tools.   Authority I

•   Assist in running/testing the wellhead, casing hangers and seal assemblies. Operate and maintain wellhead running/retrieval test tools.   Authority II

•   Ensure the required riser tensioning pressure is set to comply with the mud weight in use. Monitor and maintain the riser guideline and pod line tensioners

•   Maintain accurate daily log sheets relevant to the subsea equipment. Maintain records of BOP and associated equipment tests.   Authority I

•   Maintain records of inspection and certification of subsea equipment.   Authority I

•   Ensure an adequate supply of spares is maintained in order to fulfil maintenance requirements and facilitate a safe and efficient operation.   Authority I

•   Maintain records of ton-miles on wire ropes. Slip and cut according to the agreed program.   Authority II

•   Ensure Supervisor is informed of any issues relating to the subsea equipment, which may affect the safe and efficient running of operations.   Authority I

•   Ensure that the permit to work system is in place and followed.   Authority I

•   Liaise with the marine department prior to moving the BOP and marine riser package in lieu of the rig’s stability.   Authority II

•   Assist in supplying information for maintenance and repair budget.   Authority II

•   Assist in communicating equipment problems or breakdown with Field Support group and equipment vendor.

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