Author Topic: Giveaway - Data Protecto is a useful application for users who need to protect their folders and files.  (Read 329 times)


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Data Protecto is the file encryption software for your computers which also features the most Secure Online Cloud Storage Service with Encrypted File Sharing with your friends. Data Protecto has 9 of the most advance data protection features for users to protect their files, folders, drives, and applications from unauthorized access, use, and sharing.

Additionally, Data Protecto consistently protects your data in Safe Mode, runs in Stealth Mode to prevent detection on computers and allows protection of unlimited files and folders.

Main features:
  • File Encryption;
  • Secure Online Cloud Storage and File Sharing;
  • Password Protect Folders and Files;
  • USB Encryption;
  • Digital Wallet;
  • Password Manager;
  • File Shredder;
  • Make Files Read Only;
  • Make Files Undeletable.
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