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Job Title: Software Administrator – Trainee

Company: Sunrise Global MicroSystems

Job Type: Full Time

Min Qualification: BA/BSc/HND

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Job Field: Engineering Graduate

Jobs/Internships ICT


Sunrise Global MicroSystems founded in 1989 is known to be a fun yet demanding working place to work. Employees are expected to work long hours and there is a strong team environment in place. The company is also known to be very conscientious. Giving back to the community, conserving resources, and social responsibility are important themes to Sun founders and employees.


Job opportunities at Sunrise Global MicroSystems exist for all types of technologies.


Application Developers and Hardware Engineers are always in demand. There are wonderful opportunities for interns and all levels of IT Consultants. Compensation at Sunrise Global MicroSystems consists of a combination of base salary, bonuses and stock purchase opportunities. The benefits offered to Sunrise Global MicroSystems employees are above the standard offering, and include such perks as subsidized charitable donations, generous tuition reimbursement, child care benefits and equipment purchases.


Sunrise Global MicroSystems mission is to connect everyone, everywhere, via Sunrise solutions.


Job Description: – Ensuring that the servers are backed up, and that the server data is secure from unauthorized access. – Successful candidate would be responsible for installing, maintaining and upgrading servers. – Ensuring the maintenance of the company’s computer systems – Server management is a primary responsibility – Often performing of light programming (usually scripting, which involves writing programs to automate tasks).


Requirements: – B.Sc/HND in Computer Science, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or any other related course of study – Minimum of second class lower degree Equivalent – Experience not required – Resident in Lagos


Skills: – Knowledge of business functions is also important – Service oriented – Little or no knowledge of project management. – Strong Communication skills – Ability to work well with different groups. – Ability to work under pressure.

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