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Job Title: Nutritionist / Dietitian

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Company: Prime Alliance Enterprise

Job Description:

•   educating and advising a wide range of patients with diet-related disorders on the practical ways in which they can improve their health by adopting healthier eating habits;

•   calculating patients’ nutritional requirements using standard equations based on assessments of blood chemistry, temperature, stress, mobility and other relevant factors;

•   analysing the nutritional content of food (including new products, if you work in the food industry);

•   delivering group sessions to a variety of audiences, including children and patient groups;

•   working as part of a multidisciplinary team in hospitals or in a community setting to gain patients’ cooperation in following recommended dietary treatments;

•   educating other healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, biochemists, social workers, care workers and community workers) about food and nutrition issues;

•   advising hospital catering departments about the specific dietary requirements of patients;

•   running clinics in hospital outpatients departments or general practitioners’ (GP) surgeries for patients who have been referred by hospital consultants, GPs or health visitors;

•   advising athletes and sportspersons on how diet can optimise performance and recovery from injury;

•   educating sportspersons to understand the physiology and biochemistry of different types of exercise and the role nutrition has in these processes;

•   writing reports and case notes and maintaining accurate records;carrying out visits to people’s homes, including nursing homes;

•   preparing information packs, flyers and other promotional materials;

•   advising the food and pharmaceutical industry.

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