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Job Title: NSMC Engineer – Data & Internet

Company: MTN Nigeria

Location: Nigeria


Job Description: – Monitor performance of all ATM core devices i.e. Stingers (DSLAM), PSAX and generate weekly report on them. – Monitor traffic utilization on Core ATM pipes on the ATM Network. – Troubleshoot, control and resolve all network and customer related faults on a daily basis. – Perform real time monitoring of all CPE devices (Copper DSL and Fiber Modems) on the network. – Monitor, analyze and provide information on traffic utilization on CPEs to customers. – Monitor and acknowledge all alarms from all ATM Core equipment and CPEs. – Configure new VCs on ATM devices for new installation on the ATM Network. – Administer new internet and monitor activities of clients on the Radius Authentication Server. – Improve network quality by proper monitoring of all ATM network elements on a real time basis. – Relate with Customer Support Engineers as regards new installations and clients connection on ports. – Manage interfaces (ports) on the ATM (DSLAM) Stinger device. – Escalate all unresolved faults of Internet and Data Services to Customer Support Engineers and NMC Data/Internet Co-ordinator. – Ensure proper bandwidth allocation procedures in order to achieve optimal bandwidth utilization on the overall ATM network. – Administer pipes to the satellite network through the Fiber Equipment. – Ensure faults are logged in to determine network stability and recommend action steps to be taken to improve network quality. – Provide ideas and feedback on software tools, procedures and improvements to NMC functionality of Data/Internet operations. – Ensure proper monitoring and implementation of all network changes according to

the organisation process and procedures. – Provide regular updates on MTNN performance and other network issues to the management, call centres, sales and distribution, marketing and other relevant departments in the organization. – Ensure real time performance monitoring of all network elements. – Act as interface and provide access reference number to MTN Contractors, Field Engineers, Operational Maintenance Centre Engineers and other GSM/PTOs Companies for planned work, change request and access to all MTN location. – Convey all faulty devices and hardware to the field support engineers for replacement.


Job condition: – Normal MTNN working conditions – May be required to work extended hours – Regular shift work. – On standby 24/7 throughout the year.


Experience: – At least 4 years hands-on experience in Cisco Networking experience current, telecommunications or a related field. – Experience in Alcatel Lucent equipments – Knowledge of Cisco router


Proficient Training: – Operational Maintenance – Network Management,


Minimum qualification:


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