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Four Major Causes of Breakups in Relationships
« on: Jul 04, 2011, 12:32 PM »
Most women today wonder what went wrong when they suddenly find themselves single again after a long or short term relationship. 

Here are some of the top reasons why men dump women:

1. Jealousy
Have you ever acted sulky after your man went out for a night with his friends?  Has he ever had to explain to you who that girl was you saw him talking to?  Guys don’t like a jealous woman.  They may put up with you for awhile, but they will get sick and tired of your attitude and answering your million questions.  If you tend to be the jealous type, try your best to keep it under wraps.  At the very least, talk openly and honestly with your man about it and never accuse him of anything without having clear proof.

2. Out of Love
Some relationships just aren’t meant to be.  For whatever reason, he may just not love you anymore or feel that “spark” that is so important for a couple.  If this happens to you, make it a learning experience!  Now you know what you like and don’t like.

3. Different values
You may be Muslim and he is Christian.  Or you want to get married soon and he doesn’t.  Whatever the reason may be, the two of you have values that are just too different.  When you get over the hurt of being dumped you will realize that he did you a favor.  Do you really want to be with someone who holds different values?  If you do, expect significant challenges down the road.

4. Secrets Don’t Make Boyfriends
You may be a very private person.  You don’t want to tell him everything about you just yet.  However, be careful that you don’t hold your cards too close to your chest.  If you don’t let him in to know the real you, he may hightail it out of there wondering what you have to hide.

Now that you know some of the top reasons why men break up with women, examine your past relationships.  Is there a pattern? If you realize that you tend to be a jealous girlfriend, work on it and try to be better.  Don’t let any of these be reasons why you get broken up with again.

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Four Major Causes of Breakups in Relationships
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