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Job Title: Direct Sales Executive

Company: U-Connect Limited

Location: Nigeria


Job Requirements:

This is a description of the experience, education and Training suitable for the role: – Experience: work experience (preferably 2 years or more) in a related role (IT, Sales, Insurance etc) – Education: graduate with minimum of 2’2’‘ in any field – Training: this will be undertaken in-house (first four weekends) and on-the job (continuously).


Skills Required:

These are expertise/abilities that the incumbent needs to have at a certain minimum level to succeed:

1. Active Listening: Paying full attention to what others say, seeking clarifications to understand points being communicated by asking appropriate questions and not interrupting the speaker.

2. Speaking: clear and concise oral communication to convey information effectively to others

3. Persuasion: influencing prospects and others to convert to us/change their minds/behavior

4. Reading/comprehension: understanding oral and written marketing and technical texts.

5. Time Management: managing one’s own time and that of others

6. Focus: concentrating on a task over a period of time without being distracted.



1. Sales: understanding and familiarity with concepts like promotion, product demo, lead generation, sales reporting etc

2. Customer Service: understanding concepts like client needs assessment, QoS,client satisfaction etc

3. Telecommunications: general knowledge of Internet, the company and the Industry.


Job Tasks:

1. Deliver sales talk that describes products to persuade the listener to purchase

2. Generate convertible prospects by engaging residents/occupants of homes/offices in assigned territory

3. Attend to leads from manager: answering questions about pricing and the product features

4. Act as message-courier/liaison between subscribers and company when required

5. Quickly deliver orders to the designated shop for processing.

6. Respond to assigned requests and follow up on initial contacts; Keeping appointments with prospects

7. Assist manager with surveys to obtain relevant market information.


Personal Attributes:

1. Excellent communication and listening skills

2. Polite and friendly manner (Zero tolerance for being rude)

3. Lots of initiative

4. Positive outlook and an upbeat, engaging personality

5. Ability to think quickly.

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