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Our Power optimizer enable you power all ELEMENT appliances from 1000 watts to 1500 watts (hair dryer, pressing iron, electric kettle,CWAY machine etc) with any Generator(even i pass my neighbour) safely.

How to use:

A. After starting your generator, plug the power

B. Optimizer to your socket then plug the iron, electric kettle or

C. Hot plate to the power optimizer.

D. You can only plug the electrical appliances one at a time and it is user friendly. Do not plug an extension to the power optimizer.It has 3months warranty,although you will use it for over 3years.

Gone are the days when you wait for Nepa or PHCN before you use your appliances.

We have two types of Power optimizer.

1: B.P.O Solo: you can power your pressing iron,electric kettle,hot plate,toasting machine,cway machine,hair dryer etc with 950watts generator (I pass my neighbour) safely.
PRICE: NGN 6,500

2: B.P.O Mega: You can power your air conditioner, pumping machine and all other equipments within the same power
PRICE: NGN 15,000


Ordering Details

You can call us for Instant delivery to your door step, Call us now on 07052017052 your order will be processed immediately
Note: Pay on delivery attract extra fee of delievery

You can meet us in person to place your order anytime within the week,  call 07052017052 for immediate appointment, while you pay on self pick up

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